Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vegetarian Meals @Temple

Hi folks!

Today is Kuan Yin birthday..are u having vegetarian meals today?

The nineteenth day of the second month of the lunar year is the birthday of Guanyin. On that day, young men and women gather to burn joss sticks and worship either in the temple hall or in the court area. Some offer oil for Guanyin's ever-burning lamp and pray for health and peace; others offer long silk scrolls in the hope of bearing a son. If a son is born, the parents will put him under Guanyin's lotus seat to proclaim their faith in Buddhism and make the baby the adopted child of Guanyin. By doing so, they think Guanyin will bless the child with longevity. Monks and nuns set up assemblies in honour of Guanyin. The places of worship are solemn and grand. Incense and flowers are also offered to Guanyin.
Women eat a vegetarian diet from the first until the nineteenth of the second month, the birthday of Guanyin. This is called Guanyin's vegetarian fast. This practice is observed again from 1st to 19th of the sixth and the ninth months in the lunar year.
(Source: http://traditions.cultural-china.com/en/14T35T1264.html)
Last full moon my colleagues brought me to a temple @ OUG to taste the food & pay by donation...hmm..something special yet nostalgic to me as I recalled my mom used to visit such temple during the full & new moon to pack us some yummy vegetarian dishes when we were young ;) how about you? Do u regularly observe vegetarian diet as well? Try it..it's good for ur soul & health (no matter what religion, faith or belief you are)! 
Think: Plant-based diet, a sustainable diet for a better world, eco-friendly diet ;)


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