Monday, February 16, 2015

Sunway Pyramid's new Baby Room and special gift pack for readers..

Hi folks!

Whenever i visited any malls, i would love to find out how their baby or nursing room facilities.

There are some which has really great setup and maintenance (in terms of hygiene). However there are some which really I wouldn't want to step in with my baby at all (imagine soiled diapers with poo thrown in the bin and the bin doesn't seem to have anyone clearing it at all...the smell would make you throw up the moment you opened the door! I am not kidding as I visited one of the mall and happened to need to change diaper for ZS and that is what I've experienced! Talking about this I really should write a letter to the management of that mall!)

Anyway, today I would like to share one of the better example of a baby room (will include more reviews of other baby rooms in future for parents who are like me who loves visiting places with their babies on tow).

I visited Sunway Pyramid yesterday, yea...doing some last minute shopping to get some new pairs of shoes for the kids and happened to check out their new Baby room as well.

Now let's start with the baby room.  Let's start of with the good points about their new baby room located at  LG1 Orange Zone (beside Bonita):

  1. Clear signboard - I saw this sign the moment i stepped out of the lift and it's right at the entrance of the baby/nursing room. Oh yes, there's another sign when i visited their toilet.
  2. Security/Privacy - I like to fact that there's a button to press to open the door leading towards the nursing room rather than an open concept where anyone(including males) can just walk in anytime
  3. Facilities - It has hot and cold water dispenser (great for parents who need to prepare milk for their babies), a clean and working sink to wash our hands (I certainly need to stress clean and working sink here as I have came across a non-functioning sink after I have pumped on the soap dispenser at some places! Imagine needing to walk out of the room to look for a toilet to wash my hands with a baby needing to carry..nah..i just quickly use a wet wipe to clean off the soap then...a big disappointment at that particular mall!), and they have a clean diaper changing area and clean and comfortable arm chair for nursing moms too!
    (Hot/Cold water dispenser)

    (Diaper-changing place next to washing/sink area..convenient!)

    (This room/compartment with doors which we could close it while nursing)

    I felt these are at least the very basic amenities needed in baby/nursing room. And Sunway Pyramid's baby room fits the bill :)

    The only recommendation for improvement I could suggest is that they should perhaps have more than 2 rooms/compartment in the nursing room? When i went in, the 2 rooms/compartment (with doors) are fully occupied.

    Good thing is I managed to  find alternative place in their ladies toilet to change diaper. And the place is clean and spacious too, not at any awkward corner which might make diaper-changing task a challenge or even disturb the other users (get what I mean?!)

    (Note: Can you see the diaper plastic bag is provided for us to throw the soiled diaper after changing? Thoughtful!)

    And what I really like is they have installed a combi chair on the wall to place our baby and also a mini toilet seat for our toddler in one of their ladies toilet room which is very convenient and thoughtful for mommies who are perhaps shopping alone  and needs to bring all the kids alone to the toilet, to have a quick relief herself?

    All in all, Sunway Pyramid has quite thoughtful fixtures and facilities in their baby/nursing room. I hope all other malls would follow suit to provide such basic, clean and comfortable place for their parents' shoppers!

    Before I end, here's some good news to my readers/ followers, if you happened to be shopping at Sunway Pyramid, i would like to invite you to check out their baby room. And specially for secondtimeparenthood blog readers/followers, you can redeem a gift pack from LG1 concierge located at the Blue Zone (just mentioned my blog name). First come first served, as the gift is limited to first 50 packs!