Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Chap Goh Mei!'s Chinese Valentines Day today :)

My husband and I hoped to take this chance to bring KY for a round of last day CNY visiting to our neighbours...let's see if we managed to do it tonight and how many homes we are able to enter..haha...coz some may be out celebrating let's keep our finger crossed and see how's luck tonight.

During the CNY, as KY was down with fever , we did not really go we thought at least we can visit our neighbours now that KY has recovered. What a good ime to visit our neighbours rite if not during CNY when people are more welcoming.. :D...hahaha...

STay tuned for more pictures as KY and I get better and better.....and same goes for the papa...we hope good news will be more happening for all the three of us and all our good fellow friends throughout the year!

Cheers to All! (Anyone throwing mandarin orange tonight? My fren said she's gonna throw lemon instead! More costly ler...but maybe that'll bring her meeting her rich Mr. Right? haha...good luck to her!)

Monday, February 18, 2008

The air still smells of CNY breeze...

I love the breeze of's amazing how the air just smelt different during CNY! When my then boyfriend(now husband) describe to me few years ago on how since young he has the habit of sitting by the porch in front of his house during the eve and first day of CNY just enjoying the cool breeze of CNY...I too has picked up the habit of doing so...

It's certainly very refreshing and it is very hard to describe the feeling of the CNY somehow brings you an air of renewal, togetherness, hope and happiness...a feeling of strength and energy.

I hope I can still feel this kind of energy throughout the year! It gave me a sense of happiness and strength to start a new day with much optimism and joy!

I have started back full gear at work and at home now...with KY back with me for the night. She has caught some nasty ulcer at her throat making her very clingy to me. She had fever and lose her appetite since the eve, 1st and 5th day of CNY. I hope she recover's sad seeing her lose her usual cheerfulness and the light in her eyes...I wouldn't trade it for anything...even though I will be bugged to play with her etc...but at least it's great seeing her happily exploring rather than being plague by fever and kept sleeping whole day long.

Wait till my next post up..hopefully by then it's good news about my current endeavors as well as the full recovery of KY!

CheerS for d day! :)