Sunday, December 17, 2017

School holiday activity ideas

Hi folks!

Are you checking out where to bring the kids this school holiday?

Check this event at IPC if you are keen to participate with your children.

Have fun!


Friday, December 15, 2017

Self-check and Pre-Goal Settings for 2018

Hi folks!

It's coming to year's time to reflect and contemplate:
1. What are the awesome things we have managed to accomplished(give ourselves a pat and celebrate the victories 🍷 )

2. What are the challenges we managed to triumphed (yey 🙌 a confidence booster and reinforcement when we have doubts on ourselves in the future that yes, we have done it and we can definitely do it again this time! 💪)?

3. What are the areas of improvement we wish to do for the coming year 🙏❤ ?

It has been my annual ritual to do this reflection and aspirations settings, how many of you do the same too? 🙋

I find that getting to know ourselves better is one great way to learn what are the areas of improvement we could to make in our matter in what career or role we are playing in life ... whether is building your business or climbing corporate ladder or being a full-time mom/dad.

And when I learnt about the book on Full Spectrum Success and how learning about our Color Personality type and also on the people around us makes communicating with others so much more effective...besides getting to know our pitfalls and strength being a Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

So give Color Personality test 2.0(yes this is a newer version that the one I shared earlier!) a try. You will be surprised to find out some unknown traits about yourself which is awesome for self-improvement and goal setting for the coming year 👍

For our annual assessment and checkup 😉, be honest and give this a try and share with us if you like to under the comments box.

Cheers to a good ending for 2017 and welcome the awesome 2018!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Exclusive 12.12 Sale from Young Living Malaysia

Hi folks!

Are you a big fan or simply interested to try out chemical free alternatives from Young Living? Good news..they are having a one-day only sale on selected items on 12 Dec, 2017.

Let me if you like to get any of these items on their 12.12 sale!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Are you ready for YL 12.12 sale?

Hi folks!

As you know I love using chemical free products for my family especially from Young Living ..and they are having a special one-day only sale in Malaysia.

So, do drop me a comments if you like to be included in the broadcast list of this or figure promo, I would be happy to share with you any first hand info on the promo that I received 👍

Heard there are times on 20% off! Will watch for the promo listed tonight ❤️

Stay tuned!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Big Bad Wolf Book Hunting Round 1

Hi folks!

Shopping 🛒 for books is one of my most preferred retail therapy much to the dismay of DH as we often ran out of place to store them thus he suggested ebooks..but there's nothing like holding and flipping through a book and doing a bedtime routine with "real books"..

Look at the packaging or cover of the books these days..I saw one pizza-making book with pizza 🍕 box wrapping and a 🍕-like creative!

And check out this 👜 handbag..nope...wait it's a book! 😂

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Yummy and Nourishing Drink made of Frankincense

Hi folks!

Yesterday I met up with my old friend cum nursing sifu who shared with me a nourishing drink made of dried longan, wolfberries and Frankincense!!! Yes the Frankincense I have been using whenever my son have phlegmy cough and on my face to combat my pigmentation.

She shared how she discovered this ingredient(Malay called it luban) from her friend who used it for their cooking and at home during prayers and how this Frankincense is being mentioned in the bible..a precious commodity back then for the awesome properties for health and Beauty.

My friend said it helped her to stay grounded and not so agitated 😠 especially great for her emotions management.

Are you keen to know more about Frankincense? Just drop me a comment and we can chat more. 

Can't wait to get hold of one to reap the benefits yourself? Then just go to to get yourself one at wholesale price!

Don't say I didn't share with you...have a lovely and pretty festive seasons of thanks and giving folks!

Cheers 🥂 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

English Books Clearance at The Summit USJ

Hi folks!

While scouting for some holiday reading for kids, I saw this ad. Anyone been to any nice books sale around Klang Valley?

What other nice activities you and your kids are doing?

Love to hear some ideas from everyone!