Saturday, October 22, 2016

Always love visiting Toyota Car Service Centre

Hi folks!

One of the lovely thing about visiting Toyota Service Centre is these complimentary snacks, books and free wifi with comfy seats and Astro..makes the waiting time a nice break :)

Friday, October 21, 2016

My good experience with Easyparcel

Hi folks!

If you have read my bad experience with an online shop here, to be fair, there are also good online stores/companies I have come across being an avid online shopper; be it air tickets, groceries, food, clothing, baby items, electrical items, mobile phones, computer parts, you named it.

I have tried buying online for many different items, ranging from different companies; both overseas and locally. There are companies which I would certainly go for the second round as well as recommending them to others. There are also companies or online sellers which are a sure-no-go for me.

As online seller, you have to maintain a good reputation to have recurring business. People would spread news (good or bad) about your products and services fast and far across the world with the use of social media, etc. With the mushrooming of online stores, we, customers are spoiled for choice, why would we want to patron a store which gives us bad service or impression?

Kudos to those sellers who delivers promptly, refund promptly and trust-worthily (with not much hassles), provide products which are true to what they are advertising online, would go the extra mile to provide free samples, vouchers and even provide useful guides on how to use their products.

Once, I need to send a rather fragile and important (and bit costly item) to my friend as I do not have time to drive to her place (even though it’s at Klang Valley) and hand it to her directly. I have come across this company called easyparcel sometime ago which provides the option of fetching the item from my place (regardless of the volume) and it has a few courier companies under its flagship, you can find poslaju, skynet, etc. So, I thought of trying out this company and check out their service.

Being inexperienced in shipping a parcel myself, yeah usually i am at the receiving end, i love receiving parcels as it felt like Christmas everyday (haha), and being a first-timer using the service, I didn't know that I have to prepare the envelope of the chosen shipping company myself. As I do not have any of the skynet envelope, i checked with the skynet staff whether he has any to spare that i could perhaps buy from him when he came to my place for collection. He said no worries the staff at the office will do it for you. I was a bit surprised and taken aback but being the easily trusting person I am, i am very much-relieved and took the staff's name and signature on the collection form before passing my parcel to him, nicely-wrapped up in a box with bubble wrap and waited in anticipation.

Being a first-time user of easyparcel and also skynet, of course i have my worries. Thus, i checked on many reviews online and to my dismay, there are bad reviews than good ones.

Thus, when my parcel did not arrived safely and punctually the next day, i am obviously getting rather worried. The first tracking error code did not indicate the reason why the parcel did not arrive safely.
Note: I feel the tracking system should have a link at least to show what each error code represent.

Next day, I found the code has some description, it stated "delayed due to weather condition", obviously as the delivery person is using motorbike.

Giving them the benefits of doubt after verifying with my friend if there's any bad weather condition the day before. Indeed it was raining quite heavily at her place. So, again I waited for the resend, finally at the end day, the parcel arrived safely and also placed nicely in the flyer.

Now, that is obviously better than what has been said about this courier company. At least my experience with easyparcel throughout the whole ordeal is a good one. Their online support is responsive and helpful. But, skynet contact no. is not reachable.

All in all, i can't say skynet is the best courier company until i have more deliveries with them and also other courier companies before i could really compare between their services, but the fact that i don't have to travel to their physical office and that the user-friendly easyparcel website is a good experience for me.

So, folks, if you have a parcel to send, why not give it a try at easyparcel, what's more with the free MYR25 credits, it's a great time to try out their service for FREE!

Happy Shopping and Parceling folks!


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Letting go-Extra set of Young Living Dew Drop Essential Oil Ultrasonic Diffuser

Hi Folks!

I have been using Young Living essential oil for more than a year after  ZS admitted twice in the hospital due to respiratory issues. It also helped ZS in his eczema.

The oils also also been helping the older two who often have sinus issues the moment they woke up every morning. 

I have been using the diffuser in the kids room and even got a set of diffuser and lavender oils for my mom to help her to sleep better at night and she loves it as she could sleep better thus feel better during the daytime while taking care of my sisters' children.
I have got an extra set to let go at MYR230 (retail price is about MYR373) for anyone who would like to get a set to try.

Extra set of Young Living Dew Drop Essential Oil Ultrasonic Diffuser

Condition: 10/10 (New)

FOC 1* 5ml Young Living Lavender essential oil

And 1* 5 ml Young Living Lemon essential oil 

Postage can be arranged at buyer's cost/ COD- Puchong/Bangsar South/Sri Petaling

Do leave me a comment if you like to get this set of very good products to have at home, office or yoga/training places.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bad experience with 11street seller

Hi folks!

I have been using some of the online selling apps for several purchases, like Lazada, Uniqlo, Shopee and 11street which offers some discounts code from time to time.

But, it comes with a risk, so do read the return, cancellation and refund carefully. 

I am very disappointed with my recent purchase of Biogreen O'Kid Oatmilk recently with this seller (when i bought from him i did not check on the reviews on this store), and when the parcel arrived..much to my disappointment...the can was BADLY-DENTED.

I took the image, reported to the seller, to 11street and even commented on this product page and this is the reply I am getting from the seller.

unreasonable...the packing is in good condition...

So, it's our bad luck then if your packing is good condition and yet the product still arrived in such BADLY-DENTED condition??? 

Even though i am in no position to teach a seller how to package his products, but being an experienced online shopper, i felt i should show him what a good packing looks like:
  1. Lotsa bubble wrap
  2. Leave no space in between the product and the box (as you never know how the shipping company handle your products, some may even being thrown about from one delivery point to another)
Here's an example how a good packaging looks like, bubble wrapped in hardboard paper, boxes and another plus point for customer, free samples!!!

And what did that seller who claimed his product is sent in good packaging? Merely put the product loosely enclosed with a polystyrene and directly into the Gdex envelope. If poor packaging is not the reason for the item to arrived badly-dented, then it must be they sent me a badly-dented can????

Either way, shouldn't the seller refund me in full? I have reported the case in the stipulated time frame for cancellation and refund and yet they state my request as UNREASONABLE. Bad customer service and truly disappointing. 

So beware when you're shopping online folks!

Hopefully no other victim falls into the same situation as i did.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Car accident and Pizza time

Hi folks!

Today I just had a narrow miss of a car accident.

It was a rainy day and the road is quite jam. I used mex highway and it asked me to exit at 2004 Bukit Jalil rather than the usual exit 2003 to Kuchai Lama.

Once I turned in to that road ( I don't think I am driving too fact I was about to move to the left side- the slower lane as the road was quite curvy, but just as I was driving towards the left, my car lost control and started circling around. At once, I thought, die...this time really ..that's it)...

I couldn't control the car at all and just as I almost going to hit the divider, suddenly I managed to pulled the car towards the right and stepped on hard on the emergency break. At that moment, I quickly ON the double signal and then started honing at cars that coming towards me as my car stopped moving facing the directions where other cars are moving (quite dangerous). Luckily, I managed to catch their attention and most car managed to slow down and avoided my car. When the traffic went cleared, I tried to start my car. At first it failed. I thought to myself, what's wrong? Then at that moment I saw a motor cyclist stopping at road side seeming to be texting or snapping pic. At first thought he was snapping and trying to report the accident. But when I saw him, he's already keeping his mobile phone. I try again to start the car, this time round it worked and slowly trying to move the car to turned to the right direction and moving it slowly towards Sri Petaling. It was so close....folks...I still have so many things I haven't do..Thank God for granting me bit more time.

And now it's team pizza lunch..what a dramatic day.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Speedy Solo Trip

Hi folks!

Last month, on Sep 11, I took a solo trip to a country on my south via plane to attend my classmate's wedding. Most of my former classmate in the same class were invited, thus it is sort of a schoolmate-gathering of sort. And the fact that most of us are married with young children, the wedding of this friend of mine was considered pretty much the near-last gathering we could have with so many of us flying or driving in from all over the places.


I took the earliest flight at 6.35am so that I could be on time for the 12 noon wedding luncheon at a well-known hotel in the city. I got up at 3am and DH is kind enough to drive me to airport around 3.30am. We reached the airport well in time for boarding. The KLIA2 is well-known for the long walk to the boarding gate. So I took the 30 minutes. Walk and reached the gate in time, yet the gate opened 30 minutes later than what it originally stated.

And the flight took slight more than an hour. So I reached the country of my solo trip pretty early, around 7.35am. Not having to wait for my baggage as I do not bring any for this one-day solo trip, again I walked about 30 minutes and finally sat down on a café that opens pretty early which serves yummy and affordable hot-soymilk and red-bean pancakes. I browse and replied my Whatsapp to DH to informed that I have safely arrived using the airport wifi and just immersed to the reality of taking my solo trip which I haven't been taking any since after got married and have kids. It is such surreal experience. Something I have wanted to do for such a long time.

Next, I took a walk, familiarise with the airport with three terminals so that I could take my quick dash on my trip home later after the wedding luncheon which could ends late. Making sure I am well-versed with which gate or direction I should go to for my flight back home. After that, I look around for places which I could bring my kids to if I were to bring them here for a visit.

I kinda "loiter", snack and "browse/window-shop" around for 1 ½ hour. Oh yes, forgot to mentioned I spent quite a bit of time in their convenience shop at the airport itself!! Their organic products are quite well-stocked and affordable if I am earning their local currency compared to us in Malaysia which often need to spend arms and legs to lead an organic lifestyle/diet. I see people actually came come to the airport convenience store to buy their daily groceries, which makes me wonder, are they staying close-by or the price are cheaper here? But one thing I do notice is that their mineral water is kind of more expensive than their soft drink? 100 plus 500ml bottle cost 1 dollar, but a bottle of mineral water cost 1 dollar and 50 cents at least!

I departed from the airport terminal around 9.30am as the train ride would takes around 1 hr for me to reach the city, just in time for the malls to open. So another 10-15 minutes' walk for me to reach the train station and got a seat to slumber awhile during the 1 hour distance. Waking up at 3am making me a bit of a zombie..or at least it should have felt that

An hour later, I reached the centre of the city and went window-shop at the mall which is right opposite the hotel where the wedding lunch is held. So I planned for an hour of shopping followed with "transformation" from my slumber attire to an attire fit for a wedding lunch, and of course the high heels, accessories and make-up. That takes another 30 minutes. For the first time, I don't have to rush, and just take things slowly. No kids to rush, no diaper to change, and high heels…woot..i can only wear that if I don't have to carry baby, not to mention highly-destroyable lacy dress…a big no-no if I am carrying baby and so prone to pulling out the lace thread.


After the wedding lunch and of course lots of picture taking for memory, it was another mad dash to the airport cos I am too stingy to call for a taxi (actually I just worried the traffic jam might cause me to be late for my flight being in the city centre on a Sunday) or just simply their train is so punctual and accessible. Another 20 minutes walk to the train station and then I made my another 1 hr journey to the airport. Upon reaching the airport, taking another skytrain to reach my terminal, it was about 45 minutes wait before my flight. Again, I browse with the airport wifi and chit chat with the same flight passenger which sits next to me.


Time passes quickly and again I boarded the plane for another 1 hr plus flight back home. Upon reaching the KLIA2, I texted my siblings on the most efficient and economy way to reach KL Sentral (where I would take the LRT back to my parents-in-law house where DH and kids are having their fun time(hopefully) without me). Voila, the benefit of having well-travelled siblings, I spent RM11 for a bus to KL Sentral that takes around 1 hour, compared to the original plan of taking a KLIA express which will cost RM55? It was another close dash, I bought the ticket at 8.25pm and the bus is ready to move at 8.40pm and I have NO IDEA where to board the bus. Only after that I realised it is another 10-15minutes walk away. I zoomed speedily to the place following the sign board and found a seat. It is another cold 1-hour journey boarding on Skybus which surprisingly, is pretty punctual.


Then, I took another 30 minutes ride from KL Sentral to the station which is walking distance from my in-laws' place. Reaching home right on dot at 10pm as estimated.


I have clocked the longest walking, flying, and sitting on a train record I have ever done in a single day.


Will I do it again? Yes I will, but the next time, it won't be a solo trip but a trip with my daughter perhaps.


Staying hungrily looking forward for my next adventures!




Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My thought on Homeschooling

Hi folks!

I have been following the homeschooling trend for sometime and ever seriously
thought of moving my kids to this form of learning as well albeit, i still won't be 
able to homeschool them myself, but rather might need to send them to a learning center that
truly advocates homeschooling rather than just another tuition centre.

What is my thought on homeschooling?
To me it should be a form of learning that:
- supports individual children learning speed, style and needs
- whenever possible to be carried out at home with their parents/ co-op with other homeschooling parents

Even though i couldn't homeschool my kids right now as I still need a full-time paying job (hopefully i get to switched to WAHM fully),
I would like to experiment, explore and also engage my kids to such learning at least during the weekend and when they are home.

I hope to build up their confidence and to be more vocal as it's not really a habit for kids in chinese0-based
school to ask questions or even to challenge the teacher on any subject for the matter.

The chinese school teaches them more on discipline, structure, "obedience" and to be "skillful" through umpteen drilling, be it, writing, reading, calculating,etc.

No good or bad, but more to whether such learning style suits your children.

I hope to devise a plan to work this out soon...some mini-homeschooling.

Do share with you if you have such plans in mind or already been carrying out like a homeschooling "gurus".

All ideas and sharing are most welcome.

Thanks for reading...and Cheers to a bright and fruitful day!