Monday, April 16, 2018

Meat Free Monday

Hi folks!

It's Meat Free Monday and I chance upon this yummy set from Simple Life restaurant!

You can try it at all their branches except ioi mall and KLCC.

Looks good 👍

Saturday, April 14, 2018

My little ME time daily

Hi folks!

Anyone like to create their own bath scent here?   

Love essential oils but always running short of time to give ourselves a quiet time applying our oils?  

As a busy working mom of 3, here is my favourite moment..Shower time! ☺️  

Mixing my favourite YL Geranium (you can add 5-15drops, depends how strong you like it to be) into Young Living Shower and Bath Gel Base...reusing my Thieves/Lavender Foaming Hand soap bottles the natural foaming effects from this foaming bottle(minus the chemical!) and i feel it actually lasts longer compared to pouring it out from other types of bottles!

I get a little ME time each day during my shower while I get to pamper my skin with my favourite scent..the results- a clean, nice-smelling, non-chemical and silky smooth skin shower experience 😉  

Now ..we all need to shower 🚿 each day..why not include some lovely and pampering time daily ❤️ have a lovely weekends folks  😊

Are you also interested to find out more on the Young Living Essential Oils that I am using for my family? Just drop me a message  and I am happy to share more with you.

And do you know you can also easily sign up online as member and enjoy the oils at wholesale price by clicking on the link below. It's very simple:

Try to get the membership and buy it at wholesale price(it's more worth it!) rather than paying at retail price or buying elsewhere. You gained more than just wholesale will also get some promo and free oils from their loyalty plan. So it's killing two birds with one stone! 

As a mom of 3, I often look for best bargain to get the most benefits of the money spent. So feel free to contact me if you wish to find out which if the promo items that worth to invest!

Cheers and have an awesome day!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Essential oils and the Challenges of Autism in Children

Hi folks!

I have friends who find Young Living essential oils a useful aids for autism for their children.

If you would like to find out more about how therapeutic grade of  essential oils like Young Living might help to ease the day-to-day activities for this children, do leave me a comment and i could help you to reserve a seat.

Cheers to a happy and lovely day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Hi folks!

This picture was taken by my 5-year-old son. He's fascinated about smiley icon these days..after an uncle gave him a smiley icon on a badge. Praise and thanks to that uncle's kind gestures.

What have we been exposing or showing to our kids these daily? Is it a smiley or frowning or disapproval look?

Let's all give more smileys to people around me especially our closed ones ...for the very reason we are connected to each other in this lifetime.

Cheers for a smiley n jolly day!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

My 5-minute Savvy Look

Hi folks!

Today while waiting to have lunch with my friend, I had a go at the Savvy Mineral testers@Young Living Office.

It was fast and easier to apply than I have thought(being someone who rarely put on make-up). It is quite fun too..mixing the misting spray and chemical free mineral powder feels like "anyone can feel & look pretty" effortlessly and most importantly by not adding more toxins to our body.

Just a very quick 5 mins trial..haha..feeling like a kid again, trying out my mom's make-up when I was younger..but this round without the fear of getting caught 😁

In this picture, I am trying out:
👀Multitasker (On eyebrow)
🌸I Do Believe You're Blushing (blusher)
💄Uptown Girl (lipstick)
💃Residual (eyeshadow)
🤳Wanderlust (eyeshadow)
👩‍🎤Unscripted (eyeshadow- test slightly on the edge)

Not very good at it yet but it was fun! 😄

P.S...a little bird 🐦 is telling me that they might be having promo this Sat YL rally on Savvy Minerals and skincare products. Stay tune for the updates on 7 Apr, 2018 Sat@12.01am ✌️

Note: PM me as soon as you see it (by 5p.m. on 7Apr) if you like me to get any of the promo items 👍🚀

#savvymineralmakeup #chemicalfree #YLMYSavvyStory #feelinggood

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Comfort food

Hi folks,

When hunger strikes wee hours in the morning, here's what to quickly and easily cook up- mee Shah with organic beet root, dried bean curd, mushrooms and seaweed Vege fish.

Yummy comfort food for me ❤️

Doesn't look very appealing but the taste is awesome! What's your fast and go-to comfort food you would go for?


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

My dream car

Hi folks!

People says our dream car says a lot about our personality or our dreams.

Here is my dream car which brings me towards wanting for some adventures road trip for my family of 5.