Monday, June 26, 2017

Trip to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

Hi folks!

What have you done during the Raya break? We have make a trip back to visit my in-laws and during the first day while the adults are busy catching up, the kids were glued to their gadgets.

So, on the second day, we decided to bring the kids out for a "gadget detox"and some fun outdoor time. We went to the Titiwangsa Lake Gardens or Taman Tasik Titiwangsa after my mil's friend strongly recommended this place which has been reopened after some renovation work was done.

As it was raining that morning, we waited awhile before setting out to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. When we reached i was wow-ed by the varieties of bicycles you can find there! There are two-seaters, three-seaters and even four, and six-seaters! makes family fun time even more wonderful. Imagine the whole family of 6 cycling together in this riding "machine" i called it..awesome time!

Each bicycles are up for rent at MYR10 per hour. And for the four or six-seaters, it cost around MYR40-50 per hour. They also has some battery-powered toy car ride for younger children at higher rate at MYR25 per half-an-hour.

The kids have awesome time cycling around and requested to make another trip the next day!

Now, we have found a lovely place and lovely way to spend our time together as a family the next time we make a trip back to our in-law's house. Hopefully this can create more togetherness and memories besides glueing on gadgets! 

How is your Raya break folks? Hope it has been awesome for you and family too.


AFT session with Claudia Hofmaier

Hi folks!

Ever since I started exploring, using and sharing about essential oils, i have made a lot of friends a.k.a the "oilers" who are very passionate about health, healing and taking care of our body naturally. Some of these friends are certified aromatherapist, certified massage therapist and some have taken some certification courses in the field of aromatherapy due to their strong interest and keen passion to help others to participate in the journey towards health and abundance. 

During my recent cruise trip, I got to know Claudia Hofmaier, who is a certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner and Instructor and managed to have a one-to-one AFT online session with her.

I have spoke about Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) before in my previous post, but i must say i have not been very consistent in practicing it. However, each time i felt some emotional blockages, or feeling my body is not feeling quite right or have some blockages or discomfort, i would make time after shower to practice AFT alone in the room(my much treasured ME time).

Long story cut short, i always have a sense of release and also a clearer mind after the AFT session and i sleep better too.

During this one-to-one session with my friend, Claudia, i was led(or facilitated) by her during the entire AFT process to set my intention, understand how i feel about my intention and also to clear the blockages or the negative emotions i have attached with my intention.

My intention:
1. To MANIFEST the BEST of me (to achieve my goal set for Dec 2017)

Negative voices:
1. How would others look at me?
2. Are you sure you've got what it takes to do this?

1. Feeling my shoulder and back very heavy (burden) - all sorts of negatives voices inside my mind
2. Feeling my heart shrinking - confidence level
3. Feeling a pressure in the middle of my back - how others look at me

Intention scale started at 3 and ended with 8.5 (after 3 rounds of going through the negative emotions i had, each time feeling how my body react to the negative voices within me).

I feel really good(no more backache, heavy chest and feeling caged and my heart felt expanded) after the session although i know i still have to put some plans into action to achieve what I intend to do. I have to remember all the positive messages that i received during the AFT session to remind myself to charge forward:

1. Do not be concerned with how others look at you, whatever things we wish to do there're always pros and cons, there're always different views from people around us.
2. Just DO it, keep it going, U can do it!
3. Just DO it the RIGHT way!

Oils used during AFT:
Frankinsence, StressAway, Lavender

You can also add on essential oils blends like Transformation, Inner Child and Clarity.
Interested to get these essential oils for your own emotional release? Leave me a comment or sign up here to get these oils at wholesale price to start your journey to abundance of health and wellness!

This session just proves to me once more on how emotional blockage can hinder us to act accordingly to our Best and Truest self and also causes physical discomfort at the same time.

So, from now on, i have to take some time off in the morning and evening to do AFT daily for the next 21 days or daily till i reach the goal i have set for myself! Yes, I can do it! You can too! Just take some time off to think of what you intend to do/improve in your life today and take the action....JUST DO IT!

We are the only one who can make the change on what we intend to improve in our lives! 

Hope everyone can join me on this journey of releasing that emotional blockage and charge forward with much joy and energy!

Cheers and Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims friends and also to those who are celebrating! Have a lovely reunion time with yourself and with your closed ones....

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Housework and back pain

Hi folks!

How was your Father's Day celebration last weekend?

Last weekend, I had gone bit "too much" in doing housework for 2-hr non-stop before meeting my dad for breakfast, lifting heavy stuff, mopping,vacuuming, scrubbing (you know when the mood is ON and you just kept carrying on non-stop 😅) and also carrying my 4-year-old for hours when we went shopping in the mall with my dad to celebrate Father's Day. As my husband was away last weekend(usually he's the one who do the carrying when my son is tired of walking..yeah we should have used a stroller...) anyway long story cut short, I suffered from terrible back pain thereafter. 

So after shower, I got my daughter to apply Young Living essential oil blend called Deep Relief for me. And 2 hours later, I got my husband to reapply for me and I went to bed early. 

Next day when I woke up, my back pain was gone and I am able to resume my daily jogging without pain. Marvellous oils!

Now, that makes me curious to find out what's the exact content of Deep Relief, I know it contains my favourite peppermint and Helichrysum...:
Peppermint, Coconut Oil, Idaho Balsam Fir, Clove, Vetiver, Wintergreen, Lemon, Helichrysum, Copaiba, Dorado Azul. wonder, Clove, the natural painkiller, wintergreen, something really good for muscle pain..Dorazul Azul, one of the ingredients for first aid spray,cooling and soothing.. Copaiba, awesome for anti-inflammatory properties, Vetiver that reduces tiredness and etc all nicely diluted with coconut oil.  

Thankful for this Deep Relief..saved my day yet again!

No wonder my mom loves this oil and been using her third bottles!

Folks, I would strongly encourage you to get this oil for your loved ones who are suffering from pains, joint pains, etc..or even those going for travelling..a must-have in your bag!

Leave me a comment if you need me to get this for you. I would be more than happy to assist you to get one too ❤️ 

Or, if you wish to get the Young Living products yourself at wholesale price, you can also sign up as member by clicking on this link.

Cheers to a painless and carefree days folks! Now back to my jogging :)

Note: I am a member of Young Living and loved using the essential oils and sharing all the goodness it has brings to my family to everyone too! Thanks for reading and blessing our family!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Need some ideas for Father's Day?

Hi folks!

Yesterday I attended a talk on Me and My Hormones and learnt a great deal on how stress, nutrition and exercise affects our health and hormones. I also learnt what we can do to walk ourselves gracefully through PMS.

Now, do men suffer from PMS too? Do you noticed the mood swings when comes to certain age too? Do you see the denial, stubbornness or hiding into the caves more often than not or the sharp pain in their heart that "ignited" from the stress and burden on their shoulder of late?

Of course they do and they too needed to do some clearance of toxins in their life and some "pampering" too by eating well and living well cos they deserved it being the hero in our home, donning the superhero cloak for so long..why I said "pampering" cos I find most men would sacrifice themselves and only want the best for their family and often overlooked their own needs too.

I been making(and bought for my dad) oats daily for my men at home ever since the cholesterol reading is on the high side and he's been very cooperative for his love for our family..yes we want him to be there to witness our children growing, graduating and walk to the step at a time..ladies let's do our part and gentlemen...just enjoy the love and "pampering" or take the action to take care of yourselves too!

Here's some nice stuff dedicated to the hero in our lives.

Enjoy and feel free to buzz me(as I am a member and able to get them at member price) if you like to get any of the items above for your superhero at home or you can also sign up as member yourselves clicking on this link.

Cheers and Happy Father's Day to all superhero daddies!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

When hunger strikes in d middle of d night

Hi folks!

I rarely take any instant noodles, soft drinks or chips. But one night I got up feeling hungry and no thanks to my new discovery of a new flavour of instant noodles from Sarawak and my lovely harvest of peppermint right from my garden that calls for a hot soupy Sarawak vegetarian laksa..shhh....slurped...ok time to get back to exercise hahaha..

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sat mini adventures with kiddoes

Hi folks!

This month is a busy month both at work and at home with Products releases coming and KY ballet competition approaching..

Even though it's school holiday, we haven't have any chance to bring the kids anyway. Have wanted to bring the kids to take LRT to visit their grandparents('cos mommy lazy to drive)...but in-laws were equally busy with weddings and stuff.

So I end up bringing them nearby doing something we don't usually do together.

We went shopping/hunting KY's ballet competition stuff, have dinner@Simple Life, and making use of my Birthday GSC vouchers watching The Boss Baby with kids.

At first worried if we could get a parking at the busy peak hour. But once I entered the parking lot, for the very first time being ushered by the guard to the "Pink" Reserved for Ladies Parking slot*yey*


Friday, June 2, 2017

Yummy Nutri Noodle Soup

Hi folks!

When I used to stay with my in-laws, she would boil soup with red dates, black dates, tong kuai and tungshen to replenish our blood and Qi after our monthly "Aunty visit".

Now, I continued with the tradition by adding these herbs in my cooking. Always feel awesome and great after a nourishing soup like this.

What do you make or do after your menses to recuperate and replenish the much needed blood and Qi? Care to share?

Cheers to a healthy days ahead!