Wednesday, November 7, 2018

What are you reading?

Hi folks,

Happy Deepavali to all who are celebrating! How has your Deepavali day off and celebrations?

I spent my morning reading a book I has been wanting to read...finally..

Learning about the different seasons for different types of cleansing/detox protocols and which type of cleansing to start first to gain the most benefit and how to do it safely without feeling like running out of fumes or sick!

Interesting read indeed! Look forward to implement some of the good tips and advice here!

Have a fruitful days ahead!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Tyre shop in Puchong with good service

Hi folks!

Just wanna recommend this particular tyre shop. This morning, thanks to the staff from this tyre shop in Puchong, my tyre is found punctured( Thank God after safely sending my kids to school)..

They offered to check for me although they don't have tyre "repairing" service...even helped me to change to my spare tyre and check on the flatten tyre and found the root cause for me(the metal used to fill

up the air was broken).

Lastly, they recommend me the nearest tyre shop that is able to assist to get it fix..all without charging me any fee..

Grateful 🙏 and everyone do check out this tyre shop 👍

It's a blessed day even though my tyre is punctured to have found a good tyre shop.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

It Matters

Hi folks!

Just thought of sharing this with everyone..something that I want to carve deep in my heart as a parent.

It Matters ...

The words we speak "unknowingly",
The auto-pilot actions we do "habitually"
To the little angel 👼 entrusted to us from the above
It matters.. our words, our gaze, our love..

When I heard from the teacher that my son told her that "Mommy said I am the gift from God to her.."
I was taken by surprised he remembered (although mommy can't remember when I said that to him..but deep inside my heart..he is always my little gift from God..)
I looked at him as teacher related to me..
He was beaming sweetly..
I realised how much it matters to him..

So parents, let us take time to speak out words of love to our children..

Take time to discard any negative energy or emotions or baggage we might be carrying
Face our family and daily task with zest and gratitude

Because it matters to them
And they matters the most to us ❤️🌈

The gift from the above 🙏

Whatever your routine is(for me, I like to use my favourite eo to ground myself and take in deep breathe and say my prayer daily), whether is practice mindfulness, meditation, doing your daily prayer..connect with our inner heart so that everything that comes out from us is from the truest self which is full of love and gratitude 🙏

#selfreminder #lessonsfromangel

Thursday, September 13, 2018

When we forget about the time

Dear child

You have taught me what spontaneous is
You have shown me how to cherish the NOW
I am sorry when I disregard your plea to have fun when I see how late it is
I am sorry to say NO when what you've asked for is simply a 10-minute time to let your creativity flow

I promise to listen to your inner voice
And forget about the time
As we can all make a choice
On how we will spend our time

Time will passed quickly
Moments of pure joy is what cement in the child's mind
If we could only forgo what we deemed as the suitable time swiftly
We will not miss any memory-making opportunity behind

Thank you Child, for teaching me this....
Though mommy takes a long time to learn it..
Again and again, the lessons would be repeated till I learn this
I hope it is still not to late to change not

I strive to forget the time and cherish the NOW
Even though it sounds CRAZY to my logical mind
'Cos time is simply a structure created by human to follow
Moments of expressing our creative nature is what we should leave behind

Cheers to a crazier mommy who forget about the time!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Lovely meal at Avenue K

Hi folks!

I always like to hunt for places which provides or at least could cater/customise to vegetarian like me 😊

One day, I met up with a friend who brought me to this food court at Avenue K and I asked the boss to recommend vegetarian option for me(no garlic and onion)..

The boss gave me extra portions of mushrooms and vegetables which was awesome! I also tried their cold-pressed juice which was very refreshing 👍

So Vege lovers out there! You do have a healthier and clean choice around Avenue K! Do give it a try! The name of the eating place can be seen in the picture 😉

Cheers to more healthy eating places ✌️

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Color Sorting Games

Hi folks!

Last long weekend, my friends and I team up to have a short 2-day kids camp for our children.

Love to learn from all these DIY mommies..I learnt how to make pau for their breakfast, learn about how to make such creative games for the kids..such as this color sorting games whereby we drafted about 4 pieces of different sequences of the colors arrangement for the kids to follow and arrange.

What a lovely way for them to learn about colours 👍

A fruitful weekend break for me and kids!

We also brought the kids to visit National Museum in conjunction to our National Holiday(will post about it in a separate entry).

Hope you had a good weekend break too! And do share with me your recent adventures and learning! Love to hear from all of you!


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Routine before sunrise and sunset

Hi folks!

Last night I was feeling rather frustrated at my youngest when he was playing way too Long on his father's phone....gadget has been something I have issues with for the kids...the anger "buttons" in me...which I haven't been able to win this battle...

This morning, waking up and feeling more clear-headed, I have this voice that came to me that I need to Release and Let go of my "obsession" and "anger" towards the gadget use at home before I could really realise my kids from their constant usage of's my homework..the more I am agitated over it ..the more I got the test from them...

So I took out my oils and do my Aroma Freedom Technique exercise-
Grounding- after I ground myself so that I can think have Love and Respect to myself and others (I had a few burps to release the hidden gasses and emotions in my body and immediately felt so much better
Release- I told myself to release the frustration and anger in me
Forgiveness- to forgive the harsh words I have used on the kids and to forgive myself for the damage done
Transformation- I made my affirmation that I can transform to a more loving, respectful person..gambatei I will persevere till I pass this test and it's no longer a struggle for me
Abundance- I believe the abundance in me, the creation of God and all ready to receive the strength and guidance from the above

Thank you! 🙏 I truly felt so much better after doing this exercise and I strive to incorporate this in my daily routine.

Many times, when anger or frustration overcomes us whether emotionally and physically imbalance ...we ran out of control of our words and wonder the wise men said when we are in anger mode, don't say any words, don't make any decision and walk away till we feel more balance.

Wise words indeed..

Have an awesome Sunday folks! I pray love and respect filling up your daily life too! With lotsa prayers and love to your way!