Friday, April 4, 2008

Glucose test

Arrgghh...had another vomiting feeling today after taking the glucose test at govt. clinic. Why? Coz my weight gain exceeded the advised quota. I have been warned last month and have took serious steps in changing my more late night snacks(practically sleeping back when i got hungry middle of the night) and no more second helping...the rice i took is even less than when I am not think that i need to on "diet" even while pregnant..

In fact my weight gain now(3.6kg a month)was less than what I had during my first pregnancy(4-5kg a month). But for the sake of my health and their strictness i guess i have to go through the glucose test.

Mind you, the glucose test is no fun at all. First you need to start fasting from 10pm the night before. Then you have to arrive sharp or before 7.30am at the clinic or you'll be made to come for another day/appointment. Then you shall wait for your turn to take your blood sample to be taken before you will be given a yucky very extremely sugary and sweet drink, that is why the name "air gula" is given. It is so sweet that no words can described. After I drank it...honestly I feel not well already. Then the nurse warned me not to vomit and don't eat anything until 2 hrs later whereby I need to back to the clinic for another blood sample to be taken. Then only I can break fast(buka puasa). For a pregnant woman and for me, this can be a challenge as I eat my breakfast regularly before 8am. However the discomfort I felt after drinking the sugar water exceeded the hunger i felt.

And I am so worried that I might vomit out the sugar water and made to drink it again and of course not to mention the blood sample to be taken again after a failed test....

When I went back to the clinic after 2 hrs, the first thing the nurse asked me was did I eat anything during that period of time and did I vomit out the sugar water. I told her I am damn hungry but I did not eat anything (actually partly coz i got no time to eat as I was busy bathing for KY, who's been staying at home with my dad ever since my nanny's son caught chicken pox few weeks back and passed on to the other son...and still recuperating).

Then I took the chance to ask the nurse, what happens if my weight gain exceed their limit(2 kg per month). Does it means I need to come for the glucose test every month? Then the nurse reassures me if this time the results turned out to be fine(means I passed with flying colors, no diabetes symptom) then I don't have to repeat the episodes again...Thank God!

And before this the gynae had told me if the test results wasn't good , the pregnant woman need to come back for glucose test for 4 times a day(instead of twice on the first test) every 2 weeks until delivery. Wow..this is how serious it sounds and seems!

Pray that my glucose test results turned out fine...meanwhile...I am going to take extra care of my diet from now..although I will not diet or reduce my food intake now..but I will make sure I eat better more white bread if possible and less white rice...perhaps go for whole-meal variety.

Wish me luck...if the nurse did not call me in 2 weeks' time probably it means I am safe...and I shall be heading for another ultrascan in 17th this month. Till I update you guys again..

Take care and eat well!