Monday, April 14, 2008

Passion for books and the Discovery & Experience of a Children Online Bookshop

What does parents who have certain hobbies do when they have children? In one way of another is passing on their hobbies to their children. For my husband who simply loves remote control cars and also watching DVDs, the toys that he always brings my daughter to view is toy cars. No doubt my daughter simply fascinated by cars whether is remote control cars, real cars or those children cars which you need to insert coins located at shopping complexes, some food courts as well as at some wet markets to attracts kids like her. Like father, like daughter so they say.

As for someone who simply loves books, who would spend the weekend after getting her salary at bookshops buying no less than three books at one go do is also to make sure my daughter has ample supply of books suitable for her age. So she has caught the “book-worms” from her mom you can say. I have bought and show her books while she’s only one month plus of age. And from the time she can sit and chew on the books till now she can finally appreciate books. Her bedtime routine always ends with bedtime story on the bed with either me or the father. And she would finish up to three of her favourite books before calling it a day.

Therefore to scout for suitable, interesting books at bargain price for her for a working mom like me is so crucial. So I found a very good online bookshop website( which has very good review and very personal and good service from the shop owner, Ai Lian, who makes my books scouting a more enjoyable and wonderful experience.

I have starting to scout for books online and even try to get a few at one go to save on the postage and also partly because I was moving to my new home soon. So, in order to save the moving items, the shop owner is generous enough to hold the books for me until I moved into my new house. That is the impressive memory I have on this particular bookshop. Not only do I save time and money on buying books online, I also get to know more information about raising children from the owner who has a personal blog at

So, book-lovers and parents alike, I would strongly recommend that you give this online bookshop a tour to find out yourself. Perhaps your IT savvy kids would help you by choosing their online books here at bargain price ;)

Happy browsing and online shopping at this children online bookshop! Till my next discoveries of my online-parent-shopping experience!

Cheers! :)