Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby has arrived...........

Finally my baby boy(weighted 4.24kg at birth) has arrived on 20 June 2008. I was scheduled for c-section and was admitted on 19 June 2008. Then on 20 June 2008, I was waiting for my turn for the c-section(after starting to fast from 9pm the night before). Finally, at around 12 noon, the nurse pulled the stretcher to my bedside and I told my hubby(who is waiting at the lobby of the hospital waiting to be called and informed the birth of our baby).."Finally it's my turn!".

Then around 12.35pm the baby arrives..

This time round I was half-"bius" and that means I am able to see my baby immediately after he was born. My boy, Shone was delivered by a multi-racial group which consist of a Malay and Indian doc who did the delivery, and a Chinese anaethestic. So I hope my boy will be a multi-racial at heart and in his life later on ! :)

One funny thing to hubby had actually send out sms to dunno how many people dat his wife has delivered to a 4.2kg girl....after he mistaken that the baby is a F-emale after reading a "F" letter code on the baby case.. :P which corrected by me only around 3.30pm. :P

This is d joke who he will certainly remember for life..haha..

That's all for today...will post up more updates and photos soon!