Thursday, November 27, 2008

Looking forward for a fun-filled weekend!

Hi there....everyone..

Weekend is coming..and how do I feel it so soon..maybe 'cos tomorrow I'll be on leave to bring my son for that makes me nearer to a weekend break ;)

Plus, I am invited to the Family Day Out by Friso and looking forward to the fun-filled event. 

Even though I might not get to join the fun at all times as I'll be bringing my 5 mth old son along...but it's great to be able to let KY and her dad have fun together after so long....Plus the organiser are kind enough to have allocated vegetarian meals for us and other vegetarian eaters ;) how thoughtful! Can't express how much grateful we are :)

When was the last time we have fun together as one family, without haste..and without rushing KY along, wear your shoes, quick, mom/ dad is getting late , etc?

And hopefully we get a chance for the Grand Prize- trip for whole family to Disneyland in Hong Kong...that would be double joy indeed...but bearing in mind too...there are 120 bloggers competing for that one and only Grand's very close to hitting a jackpot!

But dream we shall, what is life without dreams and hope , rite?

I hope if our dream does come true, it'll be truely a nice gift for my ever supportive husband as well, throughout the journey of parenthood, breastfeeding and now second baby on tow...he's been very hard and not to mentioned very late for the last 2 years....hardly took a break...

So, if we do get the Grand'll be a good reason for him to take a rest..and relax for once...I think the last time we ever travel was our honeymoon to Phuket back in 2005, that also a wedding present courtesy of his generous employer!

So Friso n we come ...let's have fun!

And pray hard for the Grand Prize :) Hong Kong Disneyland for our whole family :) Just nice...2 adults, 2 is it tailor-made for us or what :P ...haha...