Friday, January 2, 2009

Superb deal for moms at $1 and some extra cash for those ebook moms :)

Recently I read an interesting offering from a website offering moms(or those who are interested in reading articles related to $1 deal! I just got it but bit late missed the December issue! Nevertheless it's better late than never! So check this out folks if you are interested! Do hurry!

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get back to work and cover all those holiday bills. :-( To help you out, Mom PLR Ebooks is offering a $1 trial membership gives you full access to:
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January's topic is "Craft Happy Kids - Craft Projects & Ideas for the Entire Year" will be loaded into your account. Can't beat that.   But hurry, the offer isn't going to last long...just until January 9 (or even earlier if the membership fills up). Kick things into high gear for 2009 right here:

Milk calculator

Some of my mommies friends who are breastfeeding like me often thought and asked ourselves, " Is my baby drinking enough". And of course from many websites and articles we knew that one of the ways is by looking at the amount of wet diapers per day.

Today I found a rather more interesting and seems more convincing/clear way to check, that is by calculating with Milk Calculator.

We just need to insert in the weight(in pounds) , the number of feedings a day, we can get the actual amount needed(min, average and max). How cool and easy this is ;)

So friends do check the site :) and try it!

And for those who need unit conversion from kg to pound, here's another site to try - Metric conversion.

Cheers and Happy Breastfeeding!