Friday, January 16, 2009

CNY is coming.....New dresses for Mummy?

Hi all! Today i just had lunch with two of my buddies whom we have not met face-to-face(don count msn etc) despite staying less than 5mins away...that is how life can be dat hectic for urban folk with kids .. :) (Agreed?...I see hands-up and nods...hehe ;) ...

Anyhow, when we talked about buying CNY actually comes upon long have I been shopping for nice dresses(minus nursing wears/maternity dresses) son is now 6mths + (which is the normal duration moms to shed their extra pounds after delivering their babies) now is just the right time to look for some nice dresses(for the right size) and start looking pretty once more...for myself and for my dear DH.

So I chance upon this website (yup, online shopping has been a popular and convenient choice for many modern mommies now...without fearing where our kids have run into with the traditional shopping...). To cut the story short...this website caught my eyes Irenelim Fashion

It has wide range of dresses, shirts etc at good price(which is very important for tight-budget mommies!). And lately they have a good perks for bloggers/website ownders- FREE DELIVERY n FREE DRESSES!

For more info, jump straight to  Irenelim Fashion and check out the goodies and lovely dresses NOW! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hi dear folks..

Like to share an online which sells a wide variety of baby and mommy products!

And also do check out their current contest which offers GRAND PRIZE of a 4D3N vacation to PHUKET OR BALI (It’s your wish!). And 2 more bloggers shall win a vacation for a 3D2N to LANGKAWI, REDANG OR TIOMAN ISLAND.

What a great prize to win for parents alike with their kids!

Hope I can win this trip for my GREAT hubby and wonderful kids!

A Big Thanks to for organising this contest for us!