Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Weekend..yey!

Hi folks,

Don't forget to smell the roses, watch the sunset!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ayurveda and Fatigue

I have been subscribing to this newsletter ever since I was still a single young working adult.
It helps me to go through some complexed, confusing, tiring and taxing phase in my life..
And this recent topic on "Ayurveda and Fatigue" strikes me a lot and love to share it with you...
I find it so true: "fatigue comes from on overuse, misuse, or non-use of the mind, emotions, or body."
Most often I did the first two- overuse & misuse, thus causes my fatigue.
And, most often than not, I now realised and noticed that DH seems to have more fatigue when we have a relaxing weekend(with nothing much to do but relax), in this case, it's more like non-use for him.
Being such a workaholic and active person he is...cannot stop still for any single minute..haha..
Enjoy and feel free to subcribe to it should u find it helpful and most importantly find the balance in our life :)

May 18, 2010
Article Headline
Ayurveda and Fatigue

Who among us doesn't feel stressed out these days?  We have plenty of reasons to!  Ayurveda says that fatigue comes from on overuse, misuse, or non-use of the mind, emotions, or body.  Overuse is overwork, and we do this a lot.  Misuse is when we know something is bad for us, but we do it anyway - this can happen with relationships that engage our emotions in a strenuous way.  And non-use also causes fatigue because our whole physiology is equipped for "use it or lose it."  So if we don't engage our muscles, our minds, and our emotions, they can fade away.  We need to remember that the "stressed out" feeling is not the way we are intended to live.  Instead, we are living in our true nature and expressing ourselves fully when we experience a flow of calm energy in the mind and body.  So, the first step is to figure out what you're doing to cause your fatigue, and then cut it out!  Meditation is good for both preventing, and overcoming, any kind of fatigue.  Also, eliminate caffeine and work to set your body clock into a natural cycle of rest and activity.  Ayurveda has further recommendations for us to deal with fatigue:
-Mental fatigue is caused by an excess of Vata through mental activity, worry, anxiety.  Follow a Vata lifestyle routine to help recover.
-Emotional fatigue is caused by an excess of Pitta through anger, guilt, ambition, desire.  Follow a Pitta lifestyle routine to help get over it.
-Physical fatigue is caused by too much Kapha.  Make sure you balance rest and exercise, work and play. Follow a Kapha diet and lifestyle routine.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010 Warehouse Sale, 28 to 30 May 2010

Hi folks,

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Knickernappies One Size Pocket Diapers giveaway @ Cloth Diaper Malaysia

Dear folks,
Aren't the cloth diapers(picture above) lovely? These are sample of Knickernappies One Size Pocket Diapers giveaway sponsored by, along with Knickernappies on Cloth Diaper Malaysia!

These Knickernappies pocket diapers are side snapping, and comes with 2 inserts. They are 100% Made in USA. They are also One-sized! The unique side snapping feature allows more flexibility for baby's movements. It also provides baby a smooth tummy appearance and the material is very soft. This doesn't bulk over the stomach and creates comfort for tummy sleeper baby.

*THREE (3) lucky winners will win a Knickernappies One Size Pocket Diaper worth RM89 each!*

Giveaway date is from 11th MAY 2010 until 11th JUNE 2010.

Open to those with Malaysian addresses only!

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Happy joining the contest fun! Cheers!

Monday, May 17, 2010

BabyIbu Giveaway: SecretBargains

Hi folks,

Recently my handbad given by DH has spoilt and while I was blog-hopping to BabyIbu site, I saw a lovely bag as one of the giveaway prizes at BabyIbu Giveaway sponsored by SecretBargains.
While I was browsing SecretBargains, I found they offer some exclusive handbags, clutch and watches as you can see from the below image taken from SecretBargains. Quite a nice place to hunt for gift for our loved ones especially we can't find time to shop at shopping stores are such a convenience nowadays!

3 in 1 Relic® Bree Giraffe Checkbook Clutch

Tommy Hilfiger Men's 1710047 Claremont Leather Strap Watch

Yeh.., now I am am gonna try and win this lovely bag. :) for myself :D . Below is the handbag I love to win from this giveaway as it looks just the perfect handbag I wanna get for myself as my 30th birthday pressie!

Now, let's check the contest details:

Contest duration:
20 April 2010 till 20 Mei 2010

Anyone with blog


  • Paste the banner on the sidebar blog and link to the entry here.
  • Do a review about this contest with the title BabyIbu Giveaway: Secret Bargains and link to this entry here.
  • In your entry, state your chosen prize (from the main prizes list) and state why you like it, and make a short review about this blog SecretBargains
  • Entry can be written in Malay or English. Additional photograph can be added depending on your creativity.
  • In your entry,  make sure you mentioned BabyIbu and SecretBargains
  • Must fulfil all the above to qualify an entry
  • When it is done, leave your comment in this entry here together with your email address
  • Can send as many entry as you wish

Winner will be chosen by Secret Bargains. Prizes are:

Main prizes:

Victoria Secret EDT (Secret Charms)

Consolation prize:

  • Voucher RM 20 x 2 winners
  • Voucher RM 15 x 3 winners
Let's join this contest together :) Hope lady luck will smile on me :D