Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wow, fancy of wining iPad2 by buying books from PTS? #PeraduanPTS

Always hoping that the school could replace the heavy textbooks with ebooks...

So winning iPad2 would be great to be ready for such implementation ( near future) so that kids school bags won't be that heavy anymore!

Check out yourself how to win one here:


World’s largest floating book fair, the MV Logos Hope at Klang, 29 Sept to 23 Oct.

Hi folks!

In the past I have visited the World's largest floating book fair carried in MV Doulos.

Now MV Logos Hope is the newest ship of Operation Mobilisation (OM), and replaces the MV Doulos which visited Malaysian waters for the last time in 2006.

It's a great experience for the kids to browse through books from all over the world and step on a ship!

Do check it out if you have time!

Find out more details here.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Subway-inspired sandwich meal

Hi folks!

Discovered a new eating option while having late meeting at client site yesterday....very nice..

Been hearing about this famous Sandwich outlets but have not tried it...verdict: Thumbs-up!

A healthier choice for everyone and an option for vegetarian like me ;)

Right after that, I made this for DH as our lunch-pack...hope he likes it too!

Have a lovely and healthier diet folks!
(By the way, today is the 1st day of the start of 9 days vegetarian diet observe by many Buddhist during the Ninth Emperor Festival :) Good time to go on veg diet as you can find many yummy food and not to mention the big crowd at those vegetarian restaurant and cafe!)