Friday, October 21, 2011

Farewell cum Birthday @ Loving Hut Sri Petaling

Hi folks! Had a meal with my happy-go-lucky, always smiling & jovial colleague, Yati on her birthday! Hope that she'll lead a happier life@greener pastures & always smile happily like she always does!
Yati, jangan lupa ajak I makan ya ;) kat rumah u next Raya! Cheers!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Happiest Moment

From left: The free-spirited and good singer,Elena Kee; the petite dynamite, Kiwi; the ever-resourceful and often our Group Leader, Irvin and behind her is her DH, the awesome good cook Sunny; me and the Tall-and-charming Wai

Hi folks,

Recently, our (DH & I) good friends, one of our loving couple friends whom we knew since our 20's are going to set up their new nest. We will be attending their housewarming party.

One morning, as I wondered what we could get for their new place, I cannot help but reminisce the good old days when we are all still single and free-spirited. We all came from different places and got to know each other when we were volunteering in a youth camp. We would travel together in a van to scout for suitable places to hold the camp each year. And we would have rehearsals every week prior to the camp. We would compose our own theme song of the year and record it together in our own home studio.
As I listen the audio recording we have done many years back for the youth camp brings back such wonderful memories. Every snapshot and funny conversation we had flooded my thoughts throughout that entire morning drive to work. Tears of joy flowing down instantaneously. Those are the memories that will be with me and DH for many years to come.

We have attended each of our friends' wedding together, chat over pregnancy, parenthood, full moon, career, new places, dreams etc. Every meet up still means so much to us. We would talk non-stop till wee hours like the good old days, albeit our children sweating all around having their own good time, obviously missing their usual nap time.

Such are friends made for lifetime! Rare indeed. Every encounter with friends are not meant to be forever by default. It requires constant keeping-in-touch, keeping-in-mind and keeping-in-prayer that all are leading a safe and fulfilling life. These are friends who smile and cry together with us. And those time we spent together has been "My Happiest Moment" ever.

To all my lovely friends, may God be with you always, in everything you think, talk and do. May God blessings be with you all always and Friendship Forever!

How about you? What is your Happiest Moment? Is there any which you captured in print? With digital technology these days, it's even easier to capture the "moment" like using Olympus camera :) Happy Photography!

If you have such lovely moment to share, do check out Nuffnang "My Happiest Moment" contest here: and win some awesome prizes from Olympus!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Yummy Dinner Pack@$4.20

Hi folks, When I am in a rush or "lazy" to cook, I would pack this mixed rice dish along my way home..always yummy, with soup as well ;)

Fabulousmom 5 DAYS ONLY SPECIAL CLEARANCE SALE, from 20-24 Oct, 2011

Hi folks!

Here's the news from Fabulousmom!

Dear all Fabulous Moms and Dads,

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Fabulous Mom team

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Heard of MyWebMatrix?

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Wish to download a whole library of entertainment?

Hi folks!
Few weeks back, me and kids were hooked on one of a rather meaningful Korean Drama. 

Missing some of the episodes due to some family events and stuff, me & kids were trying to download and view it anytime we can.

If you are one who like to download a whole library of entertainment, you might be interested in the offer below:

Cheers and have a good day!