Sunday, April 1, 2012

How do you manage a sulking child?

Hi folks! After terrible two, there's terrifying three..whatever names we called them..there seems to be outburst from them from time to time which is a norm even to adults, agree?

So how do manage this situation especially when it happened in a public place?
What we try not to do:
1. Reprimand/Punish the child in public
2. Focus on his unhappiness
3. Give in to his tantrums by agreeing what we don't agree in the first place

What we try doing?
1. Divert his attention or if it fails then divert our attention away from his tantrums
2. Make laugh or try to crack him up to ease away from the "solemn" behavior
3. Act nothing , pretend peace until he cools down or realize that tantrums don't work to get what he wants but negotiation or reasoning does
(This one I learnt from DH as whenever there's any disagreement or small battle between us, he is never one who will apologize or give in to my whims..that makes me lazy or don't bother to act/be angry for a long time...cos it simply brings no result but more stress on my body)

Now what strategy u use when such scenario occurs in your kids? Please share...