Monday, June 10, 2013

My Post-Partum mini treat

Hi folks!

As I am still BF-ING and get hungry pretty fast..this is what DH got me as I have told him the last confinement I survived hunger pangs by snacking on chocolate while waiting for the next mealtime :) glad he remembered ;)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My BF story

Hi folks!

Agreeing that Breastmilk is the best and supporting Breastfeeding do not seem to be the same.

During my first baby, my mom gave me pills to stop BF during my 2nd week, not because she doesn't know that Breastmilk is good for baby but she wants her daughter(me) to have enough rest and not too much hassle when starting work.

My mil at that time felt BF is troublesome as can't really know if baby is full or not(I guess the baby's mom who are experienced enough or trust her instinct enough would know if baby is full), BF bb tend to poo a lot, she can't take over BF bb as BF bb needs to always be with the BF mom...etc Until one day when we were stucked in a very bad traffic jam, and both my baby and my sil's bb crying for milk in the car. Sil's fm was at the car boot and it was raining heavily and nowhere to stop the car to retrieve the milk whereas I could just feed my bb immediately in the car. That was the very first time I heard positive statement from my mil on BF'ing. So much easier when travelling with BF child :)

My CL and my mil do no support fully BF(initially), but they like to show off my EBM stock in the freezer to the guests much to my dismay as the guest will start asking for my few stock for their own kids as though I had a lot to spare..sigh..and my mil even asked if they like their coffee to mix with EBM!

Now I don't find it funny! If they only know now hard the bb and the mom build up that supply and how crucial those stock are for a working mom! Well if I have more than enough I do not mind donating some to them, but not when I am in still in confinement....

Anyway, this is how I see it, though they know Breastmilk is good(I suppose if not why they so keen to show off my stock to others??!!), but they may not support breastfeeding in their words and action.

Now, should you see another bf mom, if you have not much knowledge in BF, not much interest in BF, no experience and nothing sincere to ask, remember,"Just smile". Respect the other mom's and the baby's right to have what they think is the best for them. If you are keen to know more, ask but be non-judgemental.

Applies for guys as well, for now my DH and brother's Friends been surprised they knew more on pregnanthood and BF than these pregnant friends ;)


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