Saturday, June 22, 2013

Temporary SAHM

Hi folks!

After the one month confinement(typically practiced by Chinese) and the confinement lady's time for me to resume all the household duties. 

I am for once getting the chance to experience being a Stay-at-Home-Mom for about a month.

At first it was bit chaotic as the I have not got used to the timing and arrange the task accordingly. Thus I was made to go hungry and only took my brunch at 11am. 

The next day, I got smarter, I quickly took my early breakfast followed with my supplements(Folic acid, irons, multi-Vits given by the hospital) before I start on my busy day. 

Now, here is roughly how my SAHM life is:
5am+: breakfast (usually after pumping)
6am: Catch up on news, emails, reading
7am: getting the two kids ready for school (packing snacks & lunch)
8am: mop floor, wash dishes, bath the baby, take shower, hang the clothes, etc- whichever that I get to do first usually is dictated by when the bb wakes up for milk
11am: snack and prepare lunch
12 noon: lunch 
2pm: catch up with laundry and washing dishes, prepare ingredients for dinner 
3pm: rest and tend to the bb/ fold the clothes
5pm: Cook dinner 
7pm: Kids back- Shower, homework, et
8pm: washing dishes, etc
11pm: Sleep

A bit mundane, a bit busier & tiring than working life minus the travelling but am liking it..and treasuring it for now as much as I could before resume my daily rush to and fro work..

Thus I can say confinement time is really the real luxury time where I don't need to do any housework! Not even needing to clean up the poo as the CL will do it! Real luxury rest hour! :) It makes me wonder is that how it feels like for household who have maids around? But working and having maid around would be much different when you are staying at home and with maid around..

K..enough of my ranting ..above is thevery simple dishes I managed to prepare during my hectic time where I only manage to do whatever things when baby is napping ;)..steam rice and steam vegetarian fish(made up of seaweed and beancurd) toppings: tomatoes, ginger slices, etc(at times I put red dates and longan lol..te leftover from confinement food and ingredients)..whichever I can find in the fridge now since I am yet to be able to go out marketing!

Have a good weekend folks! (pray the haze be gone soon!)

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