Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rumble Tuff storage bottles

Hi folks!

For those who are using Rumble Tuff or considering to buy Rumble Tuff Breastpump who performs well yet cos it's pump bottle is a wide-neck bottle, it's not as easy as those pump which use normal size bottle.

I have tried usin Avent bottles, it fits ok(but don't turn/swirl it around while pumping as it might leak!) but quite costly(I got 4 bottles for $79.95 during sales(before less is $90+ if I am not wrong).

Recently I found this Rumble Tuff bottles at Baby Cottage online(they are having sales now till Sep 2013), quickly grab a box as it's cheaper and I felt more convenient as after pumping I don't have to pour it to another storage bottle so as to retain its bottles for next pumping :)

Sharing it with you all folks who are pondering to purchase RT pump or who are currently using RT pump ;)

Now finally one of the weak point is covered for this affordable and quite good-to-use pump ;)