Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ME time before back to work

Hi folks!

I happened to be returning work this Friday(the most suitable day to return work so they say, as it's the last day of a work week; thus hopefully it'll be a smoother transition from a 2 months maternity break)....taking some time off to have some ME time, long shower, mask and lotion..ah..nice..before I start another hectic rush-rush time..hopefully will be better with pre-prepared meals menu and with the help of my two older kids and my dear Muslims friends often say..insyallah..we shall make it! Yes! God will not give us task we couldn't handle right! All the best to us all who are facing new changes/adventures in life!


Quick Breakfast

Hi folks!

Opps(sorry for those who are fasting..)..Selamat berpuasa..

I am breaking my midnight fasting now(aka late breakfast) as was rushing this morning..

Here is what I manage to concoct : oats with seeds n nuts, avocado with olive+flaxseed oil+balsamic vinegar am grapes, spirulina biscuits with mayo+avocado(leftover from making croissant for hubby and KY tis morning).

This is my filling and ideal breakfast anytime :)

I wonder what do my Muslims friends have for breakfast as they need to start fasting quite early and what would be healthy and yet filling to last till evening and what do the cook need to prepare before hand? Guess perhaps some would cook and prepare the dish the night before? Hope to learn a trick or two from you all :)


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Comfort food on a rainy day

Hi folks

Am really glad an grateful that it rains yesterday and today when the haze came back. It helps to clear the air a bit...even though it may makes the road more jam yet somehow I believe many of us are willing to endure the jam than the haze..

Feeling hungry, here's what I have made for my breakfast today- kelps, seaweed soy Vege fish and organic cube tofu with leftover rice and ginger slices comfort meal on a rainy day..bring on the tomatoes and ginger anytime and it makes the soup more flavorful..

Have a great week folks!