Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pigeon Montly Sale for Sep-Oct 2013 and 50% off for Trade in for Bottles

Hi folks!

Here's the promotion of the month for pigeon.

In addition, if you are thinking of trying out pigeon bottles, here's a good news, they are offering a 50% trade in for purchasing pigeon bottles when you bring in your old bottles..sounds like a good deals!

It said to be available at leading supermarkets and stores. Unsure which stores has it though, do let me know if you manage to trade in yours!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to Work!

Hi folks!

After a week rest from eye surgery, finally am back to work! Time to catch up on due dates...

I must say even though i hated to be apart from the kids during my hospital stay, what more to say leaving DH to handle the kids on his own for 2 days, 2 nights, yet it's still a much better option for me to be admitted and operated.

Why? 'Cos first thing, conjunctivitis is contagious, secondly, the infection has got worst that the opthamologist, Dr. Ashok who treated me is fast and strict enough to "order" me for immediate admission.

I have stayed in the ward right on the first day I visit the opthamologist. I requested to return home to collect my stuff(especially my EBM bottles!!) before admitting myself after lunch. Thank God for his fast action as my vision began to go "blurry" and my eye is getting painful. 

After a day of antibiotic drip and hourly eye drop administered by the nurse without fail,the redness of my eye reduced on second day that I could go for the eye surgery at about 8.40am (at first they informed me that the surgery will be at 10am), luckily, I trust my instinct and decided to "express" ZS meal ahead of time and completed my pump at 8.30am and immediately changed to my surgery robe...phew..otherwise I may be too much in pain or too groggy to pump after the surgery or even felt uneasy during the entire surgery due to engorgement.

So, yep, after 3 days at the hospital, doing nothing but putting medicine, "expressing", sleep and eat...I actually put on a bit of weight..gosh! It is nice for a change that I don't have to think what to cook and have meals served to me right on time..but no, of course, i wouldn't think of ever needing to enjoy such "luxury" with another hospital visit...*touch wood*

Anyhow..it's nice to be back to work..despite the rush-rush hour again..keep my finger-crossed and hope i shall able to improve this in time to come..soon!

Keep u all posted!