Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What do you find worth spending on?

Hi Folks!

What do you find worth spending on? I believe the spending habits or priorities vary for different individuals or even families.

One day KY asked me, "Is Uncle S very rich? (Uncle S is my brother-in-law)", "I asked her why she asked so?" and guess what she said? "Because Zoey (her cousin) said she has sat on airplane for 7 times!"

Whereas each time KY asked when we could sit on airplane, our reply is always wait till we save enough money. So they've been asking us how much money to save? And therefore I guess somehow they must have made conclusion in their mind that to be able to travel on plane must be very rich.

I don't come from rich family. In fact, I've been working since standard five during school holidays to earn some extra money to spend on books, newspapers and magazines I loved reading. All throughout college, I've been working part-time as tutors, in bakery shop, etc. Thus, it forms kind of conservative mindset on me about money. I should always clear my credit card bills on time, not to own any personal loans unnecessarily or no if I could (this exclude hire purchase loan and house loan to which it's not quite possible to own a car or a house if I don't get a loan :D), to save if I ever need to spend on something not under the monthly expense list.

As for my hubby, he comes from a single income family who lives in a city. Although they aren't considered well-to-do, but they are never lacking. And he has this attitude that money is to be earned and spent (can't rely on savings). If he wished to buy something, he'll earn the money to get it (by working overtime, etc).

So, you can say we two have a very different mindset when it comes to family expenditure and budgeting.

For example, I am one who loves to travel. I feel travelling broadens my horizons and experience. It worth the money spent. For DH, he felt travelling exhaust the funds both monetary and annual leave. Thus we hardly travel unless it's family gathering or friends gathering. Thanks to both these two groups who love travelling as well, we do still get to travel.

And for DH, investing in gadgets worth but not me. Haha..so you get the point? To me as long as the phone serve its function the other convenience are not a necessity but just a plus point. And I don't have the desire to own the latest gadgets in the market nor do I have the needs to own any luxury bags or clothing.

Thus, things people don't mind spending varies. What are the things you find worth spending? For me, it's on healthy food, for kids, and recently things that can save me time, thus I can have more time to spend with the kids. Hehe..see if my purchase work out..then I will share more about it.

So what you find it worthwhile to spend on? Care to share?