Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shopping experience - Importance of Customer Service

Hi folks!

I've finally tick my task list to get a Carseat for Zen to replace the baby carrier which he has overgrown.

In our Carseat hunting, we experienced good customer service but undesirable product condition, great product but lousy customer service and alas one shop which has both good product & price as well as good customer service won us over. DH said yes to this and we ended our weeks of Carseat hunt.

Our first experience is with a distributor of a Carseat brand who's doing promotion. This sales exec is very helpful and responsive, however when I am almost parting with my budgeted amount to get the Carseat, he actually send me the wrong model that we rejected of course.

Second time we visited a rather big worldwide baby store. However we had a bit of unhappy experience with their sales personnel that we decided not to get from them no matter how attractive their price. DH got annoyed with the respond and attitudes of their sales personnel. I wrote a letter to their co. yet after close to 4weeks, not a single response from them.???";@;;:…

So alas we end buying from a nearby shop which has great customer service and product at the price within our budget!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

FM Baby Travel Gears Fair, 7 Dec-5Jan 2014

Hi folks!

Finally got my gear at Fabulousmom during their recent Travel Gears Fair till 5 Jan 2014.

Do check it out if you are hunting for travel gear too!

(They have good customer service there! They certainly won me over! Will blog more of my experience shopping here and the other shop during my gear hunting moments!)