Friday, January 3, 2014

School started

Hi folks!

School reopen yesterday. Thus, traffic still slightly smooth as parents took leave to send their 7 years old kids to primary school.

KY started primary 2 yesterday. Before school begins she told me she's afraid she would cry at school. I asked why. She said she's afraid of getting a fierce teacher. As for SE, 5mins to go out to school, he still playing chess and have not changed into his uniform..this boy!

How have your first day school reopen day so far? Hope it has been smooth!

Cheers! :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year and my wishes

Hi folks!

Happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reminisce on 2013 and beyond

Hi folks!

Life has been pretty busy with 3 kids but I am grateful and feel blessed to be given another chance to experience all the moments with a young baby.

I must say the third time round is more enjoyable compared to the first two as I have the older two siblings to enjoy together. Lovely!

Though it also means that time is not on my side. I often need to get things done quickly and efficiently.

This year, we have accomplished a lot as a family. Here are some of the highlights:

Just for a note and then (in my next blog post) our dreams (or my dreams until it gets discussed with the other family members) for year 2014. Stay tuned!

Our travel to Down Under

End of 2012, after discovered that we are blessed with another child, I am glad we still went ahead with our pre-scheduled trip to Down Under(when I just reached the 4th month and still having morning sickness which amazing stopped during the entire travelling period over there. Must be the food, nature and joyful atmosphere with lotsa divine grace and warmth! Cos the momemt I touched down at the airport, my severe vomiting continues and got even worst. I vomited 14 times for the half day after reaching Malaysia land.

Third Time B-feeding Journey

With bb ZS, I strive to Bf as long as I could, as fully as I could. As of now ZS is fully-bf at 7mths and 3rd week. Another milestone for us. Thank God for the blessings.

KY joining daycare and starting primary at a Chinese school

It was a difficult time for KY at the beginning of 2013 as it's a total new experience, schedule, environment for her and us as well. We decided to send her to daycare as she'll be starting primary school and it's a Chinese school. As DH schedule is unpredictable whereas my Chinese literacy is almost close to zero, we felt it's good to let her have some tutoring session at the daycare whereby the teacher can guide her on her homework, especially Chinese subjects. And we all have to get up earlier than usual to get everyone ready and reach the daycare and babysitter's place on time. And I need to get up earlier than everyone else to prepare lunch pack for 3 of us as vegetarian option is not available (unlike in Singapore or other places where vegetarian meals are available at certain places). At first, she is full of anxiety after being "psycho" by many seemingly helpful but not-at-all aunty about how the teacher will cane the student for not finishing their homework etc. Luckily, KY's form teacher is a friend of ours and she is familiar with her. Thus, she is more comfortable at school after sometime and even able catch up with her Chinese.

SE joining drum class

We start SE on drum class after I read about how it can help some children to focus and also due to SE requesting for it. However, after 3 months, he requests to stop the class. Second –time mistake. The lesson timing is not suitable for a 5-year-old. It's his nap time. This mommy failed to pick up from the past mistake whereby KY also stopped her piano lessons due to the same error- clash with naptime. Now hopefully for ZS in the future, this blog post would remind me not to repeat the same mistake!


Thus these are some highlights and happening for our family in year 2013. Stay tuned for our plans for coming year!


Meanwhile Happy New Year to you & family and hope we all have a fruitful and joyful year!



Last day of 2013

Hi folks!

What are you doing on the last day of 2013? I am spending time at work....and tonight with loved about you? Hope you have a happy one! The radio deejay shared tis morning that if we spend the last day+first day of the year with someone, we will spend it with them for the rest of our treasure this special day folks!

Wishing you all a very happy & fruitful New Year ..till we meet again next year!


Monday, December 30, 2013

PALMER'S Buy 1 Set Free 1 Offer Set Promotion

Hi folks!

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Enjoy your shopping :)


KY and her stunt

kids at home pls don't follow ya...this jie2 has ballet training for 2 yrs :)