Friday, February 7, 2014

Do you own a CIMB Prime Plan?

Hi folks!

Are you an account holder of CIMB Prime Plan/account?

If you do, then you would have received the notification that this plan will be discontinued soon(to be exact June 2014).

I happened to be settling the kids account and thought of checking with them what to do with my Prime account.

I was told I could either deposit 50K to continue the account or terminate it or leave it but would be charged the monthly maintenance fee, etc.

Thus, I just opt the later..close the account since I don't use it much. I simply opened it thinking I could make use of the cheque book then without having to maintain another current account.

Anyway, do give your account a check before June 2014. In fact it's good to always make a financial review at year end for all your bank accounts, auto-debit transaction, phone bills, credit card, etc before being alarmed with any hiccups or surprises ;)


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CNY holiday trip- fulfilling dreams

Hi folks!

Can you guess where the kids have been? Yep! Kidzania!

Finally this mommy managed to fulfill her(&the kids' dream) to visit 
this place ;)

Will share more about what the kids and mom thought about
this place soon!


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What we did on CNY eve 2014

Hi folks!

Both DH & I are still working on CNY eve. Glad that our office let us off early.

On CNY eve, for my mom, it has been a tradition to make sure the rice "tong"/bin is filled up right to the top. Thus, I was trying to purchase the rice for her last minute on CNY eve as well as getting the mandarin oranges(very costly in fact to think I thought they'll be eager to sell them off cheaper on last day..or simply cos DH not the type to haggle over price)