Saturday, February 15, 2014

Be a Better Dad

May I add, play a part in the household chores.. :P to train the kids to be a better man..I must say I need to pickup the skill to be oblivious of the mess at weakness..I can't and I tire myself up besides being grumpy about it..chill..let me learn from the man..nothing is visible..not the dust or piling dishes Lolx..

Friday, February 14, 2014

Medklinn AutoPlus Valentine's Day Promotion

Hi folks!

In case if you are looking for one for your car ;)

We've been using this for our car since ZS hospitalized for croup last year.

Been thinking to invest one for the kids room too...hope they have good offer for their other products too :D


Valentines Special 2014

Hi folks!

Here's a special Valentines day meal prepared for DH, KY & SE :)

Besides my Fashion Valet Santa arrived in time!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vege dish every first day of CNY

Hi foks!

On every first day of CNY, many household will observe vegetarian diet. So do my in-laws. Here's a typical one pot dish- Mushroom rice prepared by my mother-in-law every CNY, especially nice taken together with lettuce..yummy..basically consist of rice, mushroom, cooking oil, soy sauce and ginger juice+plenty of love!

What's the typical dish you take on every CNY/Raya/Christmas eve, New Year?

Big Bad Wolf Fireball Sale, Feb 15 - Feb 23 2014

Hi folks!

If you are a book lovers, you must have heard that the Big Bad Wolf Fireball Sale

will returns with discounts from 85 to 95 percent off on bestseller fiction, cook books and more at MIECC from Feb 15 - Feb 23 2014! 


Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC), Jalan Dulang, Mines Resort City, Seri Kembangan.

For more information, check out their website:


Chom: Feb 15, 2014  To: Feb 23, 2014

Time: 9am-9pm

How do I cope with daily lunch packing for whole family?

Hi folks!

As life gets busier, we need to be more efficient to keep the balls "juggled" well..

When my babysitter "resigned" from me, my two older kids will have to go daycare and I will be preparing lunch for all 4 of us.

Besides the help of thermos and lunchbag to keep the lunchpack warm, I have to make sure i do all the preparation (cutting, slicing, washing, matching ingredients) in advance to ease the the working days.

Thanks to some kitchen helper like the big two layer Trio steamer that DH redeemed from his credit card, I can make a pot of soup, one pot of steamed rice, a pot of steamed dish (e.g., steam egg, steam tofu, steam vege fish, etc), hard-boiled egg, steam sweet potatoes, all in total I can make one rice, one soup and two dishes at the same time with the steamer.

Then, as I detest cooking at the wet kitchen as the mozzies are a big fan of me! Remember my last dengue episode? The moment I stepped into the kitchen for few minutes/seconds, they'll attack me in no time. I had three bites when I went in to cut my vegetables for merely 5 minutes..sigh...

Thus, another kitchen helper is the oven. It minimizes the need for me to stand there and fry things yet still be able to prepare palatable dishes which resemble "frying".

I have made oven-baked fries, mushroom, baked rice, etc with it.

And these kitchen helpers helped me to make time for other things while the meal are being prepared at the back.

And, another great tool invested is Biosafe, the vege+bottles wash/detoxifier.

I am able to wash the bottles, fruits, vege quickly and efficiently with it. It makes it safer to let the baby bite on the fresh foods and fruits washed with it. ZS loves biting on cold celery to ease the gum pain(teething).

IF only i managed to be this organised then things will work out smoothly. Otherwise..we have to survive on breads, takeaway or expensive eat-out affair throughout the week!

Thus, online grocery shopping is another great helper to me! It saves us time to go find parking, and shop with 3 kids..times thrice the time it takes to finished shopping! Wait till you hear the shout i need to go toilet from each kids, one poo poo, another one tired of walking, bla bla bla....geddit?


So this is how i coped with my daily meal preparation did you manage yours?

Please do share your thoughts about it!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014 MEMBER DAY SALE (14 - 17 FEB 14)

Hi folks!

Mybbstore is having Member Card Sale from Feb 14-17 2014!

Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, 27-30th Mar 2014

Hi folks!

The Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is back from 27-30th Mar 2014.

Have you been to any? I have yet to visit one with kids.

Any tips to share if we were to travel with babies?

Thanks in advance for sharing!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Western and Eastern Valentines Day 2014

Hi folks!

Do you know this coming Thursday is a special day that only occur once every 19 years?

It is a day when the Western and Eastern Valentines Day happening on the same day!

Eastern Valentines Day for the Chinese happens every 15th day of the first month Lunar Chinese Calendar (a.k.a. Chap Goh Mei) and our Western Valentines Day happened to be Feb 14.

What a special day that you could cherish and shower your loved ones with the attention, heart, effort to make it extra special for him just like during dating time when we would make the effort to show our love for our loved ones!

I just did :D

I ordered something from FASHION VALET for DH. Just in time to arrive by Valentines Day hopefully!

So folks! What are you WAITING FOR?

Head over to their sales now FOR HIM now!

Happy Valentines Day to all!


Note: If you are a new customer, you'll receive MYR10 upon signing up and what's more with their free POSLAJU shipping for Klang Valley. Great for lovely gift with a budget! Check it out folks! Happy shopping!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Cough..coughing...running nose

Hi folks!

How are you all doing?

The baby and older kids are down with cough and the parents and the baby having runny nose now...

Hope to recover soon..

Experienced a rather bad traffic today....

Hope tomorrow will be a better day for all...

Just a short update...

Meanwhile..had a nice lunch today...first attempt to go all dip-dipping style..yum...

Will try hummus next! Share more pic and recipes next time :)