Sunday, July 20, 2014

Little Helper No. 3 and life as mom of 3

Hi folks!

After the hospital episodes, I am trying my best to vacuum the house weekly to keep it less dust(how could we achieve dust-free environment?).

Little ZS wanted to give a hand and took over the vacuum. Mind you thus little angel has a rather determined and persistent character. Once he decided to do it, if you ever disallow him, bawling loudly(I should say cry till no voice came out for few seconds!!) is what he'll do!!! Scary for me considering he just discharged from hospital two weeks plus ago.

Really not easy trying to clean the house with the kids around. Do you do your house-cleaning with your young children around? I know it's not good but there's no "best time" for mommy of 3 , only "got time" to do something.

This time round whenever I have time, I have to decide which tasks on my long lot to do first(prioritize). Is it taking my long overdue shower(especially when the weather is really hot lately!), is it washing the mountains of dirty dishes, hanging the laundry while the sun is out and bright, or washing the milk bottles...and the list go on and on.

Most of the time the kids take on the top spot. Other stuff have to wait. Just have to close one eye.

How do you prioritize your work at home? Experienced mommies would love to hear from you!

Cheers and Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims friends! In one week' time, it'll be Raya..can feel the excitement and "hear" firecracker already by now!