Saturday, September 20, 2014

Seasons come and go..changes in life

Hi folks!

After a long hiatus...finally I found the time and the right mood to write about this.

Many things happened in the last 6 months +..from the resignation of my babysitter...then subsequently my own
Resignation ...the hospitalization of ZS slightly after/before his 1st birthday(gosh I couldn't even recall or even have any nice birthday party for him!)...

Till now that things are more settled..sometimes things in life happened very quickly...there isn't much time to ponder, think or even plan/prepare for it. Thus we just have to get our priorities right and focus on the important and vital...this makes decision-making much faster!

More than six months ago, I was thrown in a shock and disbelief that my babysitter of 7years suddenly asked to stop her service. And there I was very busy at work, juggling few projects at one go(my manager was on mc and my other teammate is heavily pregnant...thus working through few weekends which I truly was grateful to be able to render my services in times of need just like how I was being supported while needing to take time off during my heavy morning sickness spell).

However, it is not easy (I am sure working parents would understand this). When the weekend is packed with work that robs you time to rest and recharge not to mention all the preparatory work you need to do at the household to prepare for coming lunches, dinner and all...all in a total havoc!

And when it wasn't appreciated or even...felt not worthwhile for some reason ..and at the same time the thought of moving on lingers for sometime ...when opportunity the sayings goes..when Life throws u with lemons ..make lemonades? Haha..anyway after the 911 incident whereby I read how some people escaped from it simply because they were tending to the needs of their loved ones how one dad detour to get something for his son, etc..he just missed the disaster by split seconds when he's bit late for work than usual.

Thus, I felt sometimes the not-so-smooth ride are meant to throw us back to rethink our priorities and take the courageous move to change.

Thus, I eventually made my move. It didn't take long for it to happened. I think less than 2 weeks? I finally submitted my letter after my manager finally back at work and work has settled down..all the urgent work wasn't exactly right timing for some perhaps cos it's just right before the Chinese New Year holiday..but sometimes there's no better time for it..just have to do it. And I do realize I do not have the right timing practice much in life as I DO NOT have the luxury to wait for the right timing it seems..

I only have TIME..then just do it. I can't wait for sun to come out to hang my clothes, for food to be digested before get up and wash the dishes,'s luxury for me..

Anyhow, I am very grateful..for all the events, opportunities and timely support I received..I am now closer to make work like balance a reality. I found a job(or should I say career) with better work like balance..flexi working hour and with work from home option(the criteria for my job switching ..not so much on the location or salary as long as it's feasible). Even though it's still far from my fully work from home dream, it's at least closer feels great to be closer than our goal than moving backward or stagnant isn't it?

The new job is full of new things and skills which I've always want to experience and learn..again am very grateful..not much time to blog or read much as pretty packed..the journey to work itself is an hour*2 to and fro...anything less than an hour is a lucky day ;)

So now things are more settled(i am about to be confirmed coming Mon) is the current progress at home where I slowly trying to declutter baby stuff and clothing ready to move catch up and to live life...breathe ..

Thank you for reading ...if you are still following my blog..I would love to write more useful sharing in future updates..especially on little new things and experiences that might be useful for us all..

Till then folks! Enjoy your weekend!