Monday, September 22, 2014

ZS at 16 months old

Hi folks!

Time really flies..ZS is now 16 months old.

And last weekend, this cheeky boy surprised me few times with his newly-acquired antics and skills.

I believe he has picked up the skills along the way without us noticing it..but voila..last weekend..a strings of his "capability"  kind of surprise me..that I must record it down here(especially since I do not had the chance for the previous two for some reason)...

So here's they are:
  1. He suddenly give me marathon of kisses, at first on the lips..then I taught him to do it on the cheeks instead as my lips was injured after his head fell on me while playing roughly with his sister.
  2. He came to me to complain and point at his sister; when his sister refused to let him have some of her stuff. So amusing to see that...seriously..when he learnt such skills ..must be from his older brother, SE who often does that when he doesn't get his way /get "bullied" by his sister.
  3. Able to eat on his own, feed himself very well I would say. I can eat my meal peacefully as long as I prepare a portion for him and let him sit on the same table (not on his highchair) together.
  4. He started to call his gorgor. His first word was che che and that was months ago. Secondly was daddy...and now finally he called out his gorgor loudly...and it's not my turn yet...he hasn't really started calling out for me..
  5. He would drag his sister, pull her or anyone of bring him to do things he wanted to do. E.g., taking the key to open the door.
  6. He would go to anyone of us who seems to be wearing nice clothing which to him means is "going out" or "kai kai" time...most of the times..cling to his dad when he saw him wearing office-like clothing..lolx.
  7. He would point to the picture(our family snapshots) on the wall and call out daddy. Yesterday, the moment he woke up, he called for daddy(yes, again)..and this morning..again he called out for his daddy with tears in his eyes. This happened whenever he woke up and cannot find his daddy. He simply loves his dad a is DH to this little apple pie.
  8. He loves to dress smart and go out "kai kai". If you want to change his clothes, simply said we are heading out, he will gladly let you dress him up.
He brings us much joy, delights and lessons in life...from him i learnt that to learn something, we have to keep trying. He never fail to keep trying when he didn't get the things right or simply when he mastered a new skill. He will keep repeating the same thing. 

Mommy loves you a lot ZS...may you blessed with good health and happiness in days to come!