Wednesday, December 17, 2014

ZS at 19-month

Hi folks!

Just thought of updating ZS milestone at 19 months.

I have a rather insecure/disturbing thing on my mind now. Due to ZS hospitalization around age 1 (for broncho-pneumonia) and then subsequently having cough, fever, etc. We (or rather I) kind of postponing his MMR jab.

Then, I tried to let him take some hard-boiled egg to check if he has any egg allergy. Tadah…hitting jackpot, rashes appeared around his mouth area (especially the jaw).

Thus, again trying to delay it a little, until recently we brought him again for the jab after a series of cakes (with eggs) and omelet seems to be all right for him. That morning before sending him for the jab, I tried letting him take 1-3 spoonful of hard-boiled egg again. The rashes didn't appear (at least not immediately). Thus we thought, maybe he is able to tolerate eggs now.

After queueing up for half day at Dr. Koe Child Clinic, again, just before it was his turn, I see red spots appearing on his face. After Dr. Koe checked on him, we were advised to let him take his injection at a hospital setting to keep him monitored.

I am not sure if any parents out there experienced similar experience before and could share your invaluable experience with us. For I have not faced such situation with my older two kids. At that time, I think both of them has not taken eggs prior to reaching one year old, thus I just told the doctor and nurses that I am not sure if they have any allergy to eggs…FULL STOP.

But for ZS as his MMR jab was very much delayed (he is 19 months now), it seems that he is still allergic to eggs. So we might just have to bring him to hospital to take the jab.

MMR jab aside, since it's his 19month now, I would like to record down his milestones at 19 month before I forgot or for our future reference.

At 19 months

·         He had his first swim last Sun (we kinda postponed his swimming exposure due to the broncho-pneumonia episodes unlike KY who had her first swim at 6 months old)

·         He eats varieties of food now (soup, avocadoes, tomatoes, noodles, roti canai, vegetarian cheese, potatoes, dhal, etc), loves fruits (apples, kiwi, strawberries, grapes, etc).

·         He loves to dance to upbeat advertisement on TV.

·         He like to act out (can even complain to me in his own language when his request was rejected/ignored by the older siblings), react(he sure has the most "visible" tantrums amongst the 3 kids and even imitate(the adults)

·         He is still fully-breastfed

·         He loves to sing and his favorite tune are Let it go (especially after watching Frozen Sing Along at the cinema with his gor gor and che che), twinkle-twinkle, incy wincy spider, Baa Baa Black Sheep, some Chinese songs DH used to sings to him.

·         He can address us, his siblings, our parents and his babysitters. His favourite is his gor gor(brother) and che che(sister) and they love their little brother a lot too albeit at times they tend to forget ZS is still a little baby and play kinda rough with him, thus causes some bums and knocks happened.

·         He is such a "train-able" age whereby after showing him once/few times, he would take his plate to the kitchen, worn clothes to the laundry area and even eat on his own. Very independent child.

·         He is such a great helper whereby he would help to "vacuum", wipe any dirty stains/dust(which I am worried due to his sensitive to dust), etc

Life being mom of 3 kids is sure full of fun and laughter. Thanking God for bringing ZS (our bundle of joy) to our lives. Hope we will be a loving parent to him as much as God loves us.




Monday, December 15, 2014


Hi folks!

I managed to snap this picture while I was back from retrieving stuff from the car while getting help from KY to watch over her brothers.

She managed to settle all of them down to some quiet time watching Disney cartoons...grateful...for her reliable and loving kindness to help ease mommy's load while daddy is away....otherwise it would be hard for me to manage alone...

Cheers to a holy jolly X' MAS soon...I hear the bells about you?