Monday, January 26, 2015

Daily Rush Hour of Urban Working Parents

Hi folks!

It's been awhile since I update my blog regularly. Life been getting busier with two school-going children and lunchboxes to pack daily.

Even though it has been generally better since the switch of job, nanny, etc since last year...however I found the pace of life of urban working moms are really something that many mommies are juggling to their best ability daily.

Many times we find ourselves heart-broken when we need to leave our sick child to the care of someone else when they are crying out for us.

And how many times we find ourselves rushing not only ourselves but rushing our kids as well...

When I thought I am facing this alone, i felt like I am such an disorganized mom...yet this morning when i saw my neighbour who just had a young baby rushing her daughter to send her to tuition centre/daycare, oh well...i can't help but feeling.."So many working parents are facing the same thing.., the same stress, the same unwanted and uncalled for loud voices while chasing and rushing our kids daily.

While I really do not like using such a tone to my children, but when we are in a real hurry, bad habits die hard!

I really hope such daily frustration will push me harder to work towards my WAHM dream soon.

God if you hear me, please send me some needed help, opportunities and courage to realise my dreams..

Cheers (and thanks for listening folks!)