Thursday, March 5, 2015

Happy Chap Goh Mei

Hi Folks!

Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone!

Today is also the chinese Valentine's day (and last day of CNY) whereby single folks will traditionally throw mandarin oranges at the river (supposingly to be picked up by their "other" half-in-waiting..not sure if this is still practiced anywhere.... us it's another day for us to have vegetarian meals with family and friends and a reason to gather around!

Wishing everyone good health, abundance of wisdom, laughters and joy!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

C NY and another bf milestone

Hi folks~


Howdy….how has your CNY break been?

Mine was quite fulfilling…with visiting friends, gathering and managed to sneak in some nap in between (*happy mom*).

Not sure if you had same experience, I do feel my face kinda glowing and smoother with enough rest (like after-facial effect..not kidding you!).

And finally after the CNY break, back to work and reality, rushy, hectic life…

Today marked a milestone in my bf journey. My supply kinda reduced dramatically from 3 bottles per day till barely 1 or 2(if I managed to pump at least once during the middle of the night when ZS sleeps soundly). Thus, yesterday I quickly went to BMS Organic to grab a substitute(O Kids' Oatmilk) and also trying to find rice milk/quinoa milk cos ZS rejected almond milk…but they only have soymilk…so no choice just have to give the Edensoy Soymilk(original flavor) a try 'cos bbsitter been asking us to add-on one more bottle as ZS seems to have increased appetite for milk these days…

So keeping my finger crossed whether he can adjust himself with the "substitutes" for mom's milk. Hoping to keep on nursing him till he's 2 this May.

I am not stressing myself out this time…as I felt I've achieved another great milestone by fully-bf ZS compared to the older two kids whom I only managed to fully-bf till they are 6 months and had to mixed with formula thereafter. Giving a pat at myself. Even though I am looking forward to more time spent having fun with 3 of them rather than spending much of my time nursing, expressing and sterialising bottles…I still love the quiet and close moment while nursing him..Gonna miss this bonding time for sure…wait till he said No more nen nen…till then I will continue this journey till it's time J

How has your CNY been…another 2 more days to go…


Happy CNY again folks!