Monday, March 23, 2015

GST what?

Hi folks!

With GST implementation approaching on Apr 1st, many people around me, my siblings, colleagues, friends have been asking me what is the preparation have I started/plan to do.

Some questions comes to me are like:
1. What are you stocking up?
   I've bought a few essential and more of the non-perishable items which I used frequently (groceries, chinese herbs for making soup, Organic products I used frequently for my family especially for my baby).

Have been trying to find a bicycle for the little ZS...but has not found a suitable one yet..yeah..time is ticking...

2. What are you reducing/cancelling?
Unnecessary insurance, credit cards with annual fee.

3. What are the cost-saving measure you're taking?
Not sure yet, been doing all these need to step it up further.. (sigh)..

I love watching a show call International House Hunter to see how people make their purchase decision as well as to understand the economic and living condition of people in different cities and countries and yesterday I saw a couple who moved from a big city in Dublin to a small rural area in Luthinia, putting their savings in a self-sufficient farmhouse which is still cosy and nice...that would be my dream life grow my own vegetables, etc. To be self-sustainable...makes me starts thinking why are we working so hard for? To put food on the table? For kids' education?

KY just told me that she loves to be homeschool so that she doesn't have tonnnes of uninteresting homework daily(which I had to agree..imagine lotsa colourings, writings, repetitive writings of the same thing?) I would say it's "brain-less" training if u might say...i.e. without the need to use their brain...but their strength to keep writing and colouring thus makes them real bored!

Mommy couldn't afford to quit her job to homeschool her just yet..but I do hope I could spend more time doing some reading and more interesting learning stuff with them this year :)

4. What are the money-earning measure I could take up to?
Uncertain yet...due to time constraint...what do you all have in mind/doing? Mind sharing?

That's all my rambling for today....

And sending my thoughts to Lee Kuan Yew, the mighty PM of Singapore who passed admirable and solid leader which is very lacking these days...