Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Hi folks!

With ZS reaching two this Fri, the amount of milk I managed to pump per session is only around 80ml (just noticed the bottle has some cute markings on the milk state reaches "yummy" level for now, lol).

With him still prefer moms milk over other brands and types of milk, I will have to keep it going till the time he prefers something else which should not be too far away.

He has grown a liking to spicy foo lately, enjoying the tad spicy curry potatoes and dhal and also the kimchi spicy ramen DH cooked last Sun :) which ZS kept saying "yummy" and had 3 helpings..

Cheers to motherhood!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day and ZS Milestone

Hi folks!

How is everyone? Life been bit busy and rushy these days..that I feel i am kind of not keeping up to my daily updates/journaling here very well.

How has your Mother's Day been? For me is a normal day...doing some marketing in the morning and DH made us Korean Kimchi Noodles for lunch (it's tad bit spicy but surprisingly ZS said "yummy")..then spent some time in the evening at the playground with the kids..kicking balls, climbing and sweating it out...nice relaxing time...

Now, I would like to take this chance to pen down milestone on ZS at 1 year 11 months (gonna hit 2 very soon!)..thinking to bake him an eggless cake with my new kitchen toy (Philips Pressure cooker)...*keep finger crossedP

- Initiated his toilet-training two months ago (by taking out his diapers and pointing to the toilet bowl, indicating he wants to pee/poo. At one time he actually called me few times saying he wants to poo poo when this mommy is so tired and zzz-ing off on the bed. Very proud of him but very embarassed that this mommy seems more laid off...not keeping up to his progress very well..

- Full of music, sings all the time (this testify that listening to music while being pregnant matters as it only happens to KY and ZS where i do listen to music often, but not to SE whereby i am busier out and about doing projects outside of office).

- Can eat on his own with spoon, fork and even chopstick

- Loves going out (we now ensure he is on his car seat when we're on road trip

- Loves to eat bananas, strawberries, and varieties of fruits 

- Loves his gor gor and jie jie very much, will always take one more portion of anything he has to pass to his older siblings; be it biscuits, buns, etc

- Is very protective of his older siblings and his stuff (I noticed this when other children at the playground trying to play with his older siblings scooter/ball; he would go over to take it back)

- Still on mom's milk (tried giving him quinoa milk, rice milk, millet milk, oatmilk, almond milk, soymilk....ALL got rejected)

- Allergic to eggs and dairy and antibiotics

- Admitted twice in hospital (once at 5mths+ - phelgm in the lung, whooping cough; another time when he's 10 months old - broncho-pneumonia) before his 2 year old birthday

May ZS grow happy and healthy and away from the need of taking any med!