Saturday, December 26, 2015

Holiday trip

(This pic was taken at the small vegetable garden of an old Uncle who has been taking great care of my dad ever since my grandpa demise. Showing ZS the purple brinjal..ah cool..wished I could have a patch of vegetable garden at the balcony of my apartment!)

Hi folks!

This post I kinda overdue but I wish to share it anyway for a record of my 3-week break with kids.

First adventures was balik kampung trip with my family.

We went back to my childhood place - Batu Pahat on our way back from attending a wedding lunch at Pekan Nanas. It was a short but fun trip. But once small town is bustling with cars...and the traffic jam is comparable to Klang Valley!

We managed to visit old relatives, visited the park, food stalls and temple we used to visit when we were younger..

Hope to be back and also look forward to another family trip!

Stay tuned for our other holiday adventures!


Simple home-cooked X'Mas meal

Hi folks!

The pic did not do any justice to this simple yet yummy combination of pesto pasta with pancake+ice-cream with dragon fruit dinner.

Kids have been requesting for pancake breakfast for X'Mas but to some engagement mommy is only able to make it dinner...happy kids anyhow..

Simple-licious meal that reminds me of our yearly Christmas gathering at my ex-manager house...lousai..thx for sharing X'Mas joy with us 🎅

Cheers to a lovely New Year for all!