Monday, January 4, 2016

End of school break and First day of school

Hi folks!

Today mark the first day of school for children across the nation. Can't believe so fast the holiday has come to an end..

We had good time visiting some X'Mas decor at Pavilion and Sunway Pyramid. Till now ZS cannot stop listing out all the experiences he has gone through during the entire school break. Ice-skating trip, riding motorbike at game arcade, sitting on small train, etc. He sure does express a lot at this age...thankful..he's such a good chatting companion these days. His answer will really make you ROFL at times...

Such genuine and innocent heart of a child...if only we still retain that kinda childlike heart and nature..there won't be war and disaster around us.

Hope you all had a smooth back to school day..long week to go..sleep early and start early smooth and sound...

Cheers to all!