Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Symbol of Hope

Hi folks!

Recently, just before Chinese New Year, I received this picture from my ex-colleague.

What's so special about this little plant? It was a special gift given to me by my best buddy at work, a Malay colleague who had been a great confidante and assisted me a lot when I just joined the company,

For some reason, I was not able to carry the plant with me when I left the office. At that time, it was merely a small plant...look how much it had grown!! Tall and handsome..

I take it as a symbol of hope for me as I marched on to the year of Monkey which has been repeatedly said to be a difficult year. But, we'll make it for sure, with hope, love and faith...

Cheers and would like to share this symbol of hope of mine with all of you...

P.s: Thanks for this timely pic, my dear friend and thanks Tasha my best buddy at work..hope you are doing awesomely well in whichever "place" you are now..missing you..