Sunday, May 1, 2016

Slow Down

Hi folks!

Rushing around, faster, faster seems to be the life pace of many urban folks nowadays and in today's society. Thus we have all sorts of creation that helps us to fasten the process of getting everything done.

I found that this has also been impacting the way i am treating people, events and tasks in my everyday life.

In order to do things quickly, I multi-tasked a lot.
I would put the clothes to the washing machine to wash, while i put a pot of soup on boil, while washing dishes, and again while folding clothes, i watched some news or Korean drama (grinning) or listen to some podcast/motivational audio or watch some reality show.

What about this, i glance through my Facebook friends' posting while my kids reporting their stories of the day to me, or my youngest asking me to play Jenga blocks with him.

And everyday at work as I am dealing with different products, while i am at Product A meeting, i was buzzed and thus replying Product B request and queries.

I am in short, everywhere BUT NOWHERE. And I am always rushing myself, my kids and everything just to save some time to do more things but at what quality and expense? 

My soul and heart are scattered around, everywhere with no focus. I resorted to making meals with instant or processed material simply because it makes my life easier and cut short the cooking time at the expense of the health and well-being of my family.

So, from now on, i strive to SLOW DOWN, FOCUS and SINGLE-TASK.

These are what i would want myself to make it a habit:
  1. Get up bit earlier and do things one by one. Meditate, do yoga/exercise, followed with some reading/audio.
  2. Wake my kids up earlier and let them do things at their own pace. Do not rush them around.
  3. Prepare the stuff earlier the night before so that the next morning will not be a daily rush hour.
  4. Slow down and eat my breakfast silently. Quieten my mind. Do not start thinking about the To Do List of the day or emails to reply and whatever promotion i have to grab for groceries, etc.
  5. Cook and concentrate on my cooking, the seasoning, the nutrients and what i would love to experiment and explore with the new dish rather than just another meal- quickly just to fill up the stomach.
  6. Take time to proof-read my work, improve on the quality and content (I am a Technical Writer by profession), do not let the following products deadlines made me rush off this current Product documentation quality). Which also means I should stop lettings others getaway with last minute notice of work that has made my life nothing but rushing and producing less-than-the-best quality of work.
  7. When the kids are talking to me, stop everything else and listen.
  8. Off the WIFI at 9am, and start the bedtime ritual with bedtime story and sharing once again. Put away all the i-gadgets (hubby included).
  9. Implement the Agile Parenting ASAP to get inputs from the kids on areas of improvement for our family and let everyone take part in each of these improvement task.
  10. Relax and chill out with a cuppa everyday to keep my perspective intact and also to recharge my soul from the daily hectic "noise" and events. Take care of myself so that I could serve what I meant to serve for the day.
Hope I could really start making a change in my life.

What are the things you would like to improve in your life this year folks?

Do share with me if you wish to. I would love to hear from you all.

Cheers and have a lovely Labour Day!