Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Room makeover for two boys

Hi folks!

As KY is fast growing into her puberty, one of my goal this year is to move her brother out of her room.

In order to do that we have to get another wardrobe for the two boys to share. Thus, we got one sliding door Trysil wardrobe from Ikea@MYR799 during my Passion Day off(yep my company is so awesome that it gave every employee a Passion Day off day to do whatever they are passionate about...and I am passionate on room improvement and decoration) and finally get to install it during Raya break (yeah, without realizing later last weekend this wardrobe was on sale for only MYR579 during their member day sale!!! Oh we might not able to squeeze in to IKEA on their member day not to mention the wardrobe might be out of it's ok).

Little did we know me and DH took one day to fix this wardrobe(actually we started 11am on first day of Raya and continued the next day as it was really tiring :P as we have to practically move everything out of the room before we could start the installation.

My New Kitchen Toy and Well-being habit

Hi folks!

As age catching up, I find myself needed some nourishing soup and exercise regime to keep up with the responsibilities I have everyday.

Thus I invested this double boiler that can make single(or can be shared for 2 as well) porridge, 4 hard boiled eggs, desserts and nourishing soup.

I have been diligently using it to make some herbal soup(taste awesome! Just like those in the restaurant!) and desserts(yummy).