Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My thought on Homeschooling

Hi folks!

I have been following the homeschooling trend for sometime and ever seriously
thought of moving my kids to this form of learning as well albeit, i still won't be 
able to homeschool them myself, but rather might need to send them to a learning center that
truly advocates homeschooling rather than just another tuition centre.

What is my thought on homeschooling?
To me it should be a form of learning that:
- supports individual children learning speed, style and needs
- whenever possible to be carried out at home with their parents/ co-op with other homeschooling parents

Even though i couldn't homeschool my kids right now as I still need a full-time paying job (hopefully i get to switched to WAHM fully),
I would like to experiment, explore and also engage my kids to such learning at least during the weekend and when they are home.

I hope to build up their confidence and to be more vocal as it's not really a habit for kids in chinese0-based
school to ask questions or even to challenge the teacher on any subject for the matter.

The chinese school teaches them more on discipline, structure, "obedience" and to be "skillful" through umpteen drilling, be it, writing, reading, calculating,etc.

No good or bad, but more to whether such learning style suits your children.

I hope to devise a plan to work this out soon...some mini-homeschooling.

Do share with you if you have such plans in mind or already been carrying out like a homeschooling "gurus".

All ideas and sharing are most welcome.

Thanks for reading...and Cheers to a bright and fruitful day!