Thursday, October 13, 2016

Car accident and Pizza time

Hi folks!

Today I just had a narrow miss of a car accident.

It was a rainy day and the road is quite jam. I used mex highway and it asked me to exit at 2004 Bukit Jalil rather than the usual exit 2003 to Kuchai Lama.

Once I turned in to that road ( I don't think I am driving too fact I was about to move to the left side- the slower lane as the road was quite curvy, but just as I was driving towards the left, my car lost control and started circling around. At once, I thought, die...this time really ..that's it)...

I couldn't control the car at all and just as I almost going to hit the divider, suddenly I managed to pulled the car towards the right and stepped on hard on the emergency break. At that moment, I quickly ON the double signal and then started honing at cars that coming towards me as my car stopped moving facing the directions where other cars are moving (quite dangerous). Luckily, I managed to catch their attention and most car managed to slow down and avoided my car. When the traffic went cleared, I tried to start my car. At first it failed. I thought to myself, what's wrong? Then at that moment I saw a motor cyclist stopping at road side seeming to be texting or snapping pic. At first thought he was snapping and trying to report the accident. But when I saw him, he's already keeping his mobile phone. I try again to start the car, this time round it worked and slowly trying to move the car to turned to the right direction and moving it slowly towards Sri Petaling. It was so close....folks...I still have so many things I haven't do..Thank God for granting me bit more time.

And now it's team pizza lunch..what a dramatic day.