Tuesday, June 6, 2017

When hunger strikes in d middle of d night

Hi folks!

I rarely take any instant noodles, soft drinks or chips. But one night I got up feeling hungry and no thanks to my new discovery of a new flavour of instant noodles from Sarawak and my lovely harvest of peppermint right from my garden that calls for a hot soupy Sarawak vegetarian laksa..shhh....slurped...ok time to get back to exercise hahaha..

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sat mini adventures with kiddoes

Hi folks!

This month is a busy month both at work and at home with Products releases coming and KY ballet competition approaching..

Even though it's school holiday, we haven't have any chance to bring the kids anyway. Have wanted to bring the kids to take LRT to visit their grandparents('cos mommy lazy to drive)...but in-laws were equally busy with weddings and stuff.

So I end up bringing them nearby doing something we don't usually do together.

We went shopping/hunting KY's ballet competition stuff, have dinner@Simple Life, and making use of my Birthday GSC vouchers watching The Boss Baby with kids.

At first worried if we could get a parking at the busy peak hour. But once I entered the parking lot, for the very first time being ushered by the guard to the "Pink" Reserved for Ladies Parking slot*yey*