Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Natural way for better sleep and relaxation

 Hi folks!

Just had to share this cute Shelly the Turtle diffuser!

Many years ago when my son had issues sleeping after his hospital stay, the nightly ritual of diffusing quality therapeutic essential oils that helps him to sleep better.

And years later it also helps my elderly parents to have better sleep during those sleepless nights due to PMS, aging, etc.

Truly a great helper if you too are looking for natural path instead of taking sleeping pills for your daily relaxation, better sleep, etc, get yourself a set of diffuser with a sets of quality oils that would help you in many areas of your life (coming from an oiler who have been using it for her family of 5)!

Get yours now here and you will receive special Merdeka gift from us to your family. Just comment that you have sign up from our referral link here with your name, email and shipping address and we shall post the gift to you in no time!

Thank you for reading till the end! Wishing you a great day/night ahead!


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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Five Love Languages

Hi folks!

Knowing our partner's love language is so important 

It increases appreciation 

Decreases misunderstanding

Enhance rapport and teamwork as a couple.

Previously I used to get frazzled when I am rushing packing my then "baby bag" before we head out anywhere as a family with our baby & younger kid.

I remembered one day I finally say it out to my husband who often would wait at the door (thinking ðŸ¤” that that would make us faster …?) and asked if he could lend me a hand instead to get things ready …

Many times we thought the other party would know what we need…the universe would know what we hoped/pray for..but probably we should ask ourselves if we have "communicated" our thoughts or needs …

Never assume, ask, share with respect, love and patient 

Do not wait till you felt not being supported and felt rushed and stressed to ask for help 

Even though we would often feel good when the other party just knew what we need without being said…but that's rare one and probably takes years of communication and observation before it could take place ðŸ˜‚

That being said…DH is now more able to fill in the blanks before I say it and that comes from the late night communication after kids have gone to bed ðŸ™❤️

And telling that to him we appreciated his support goes a long way!

Now what's your love language? We might have more than one..to me it's Physical touch and acts of service!


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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Vege Market event at Pavilion KL, 1-3rd July 2022

Hi folks!

Sharing an event which might interest those who have made wellness their priority daily or even their goal this year!

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Gift to oneself - unrush start for the day

Hi folks!

Life being a Full time working mom of 3 lovely active children can be very exciting and rushy…..

It's a rare gift I am giving myself today to immerse deeply in one of my favourite pastime …jogging …it helps me to clear my mind, reconnect with my inner self with the help of the nature …and build on the perseverance to March on…

Today is the 9th birthday of my youngest and also marks the 15th year of this blog…if you are still reading here ..thank you everyone for staying around and sharing my journey. I pray and wish that everyone who's reading here finds your path, passion and purpose and reconnect with your true self daily.

Have a blessed day folks! Cheers!

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Biohack our brain

Hi folks

Awesome sharing from neuroscientist who aims to get everyone to take care of their brain health besides building their biceps 💪


And here are My notes 📝 to share with everyone and for my own records too 🤗

1. Move our body, exercise at least 10 mins a day help to expand blood vessels that will help our Brain 🧠 to function better

2. Eat high antioxidants food or fruits like 2 cups blueberries/strawberries a week consistently (give yourself a Pat 🙋‍♀️ if have been drinking Ningxia Red which is has high antioxidants content with wolfberries, blueberries, pomegranate, etc👍)

3. Have a tiny bar of above 70% dark chocolate is good for our brain and heart

4. Visualise for 10 minutes each morning on how you want to lead a great day

5. Sniff our StressAway (slide to 25:00 minutes to listen to this), use aromatherapist to improve our mood daily at home and at work, diffuse oils like Bergamot, lavender and Frankincense (which is known to be good for people with brain injury as it helps to bring blood to the brain 🧠)

6. Use non dominant hands to write ✍️

7. Take a 10 mins time off each day to either sit quietly and do some breathing work or meditate

8. Learn a new words each day or new language helps slow brain aging

9. Gratitude journal 📔 Write ✍️ down something you are grateful for each day

10. Sitting up straight improve blood flow to the brain

Cheers and Have an awesome and Brain 🧠 building day!

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Friday, April 15, 2022

Essential for kids back to school

Hi folks!

This is such a nice and useful deal ..hear dthr casing is as good quality as #smigglecasing

Grab yours here now:


Monday, April 4, 2022

Wellness toolkit for kids at home

Hi folks!

Below are some awesome promo especially for those with kids at home!

They seldom have such good free diffuser promo so I am getting one too for another kid's room! Let me know if you like to get one too! And the Thieves Comfort/chest rub too! Awesome Aid to have at home now if you asked me!

Stay safe, healthy and thriving!