Thursday, December 13, 2007

Creative Eating sooth the Hunger Strikes

What to do when you are damn hungry, packed your rice but forgot to take the spoon, stuck in a place with no access to cutlery?

Hunger strike for an expectant woman can come anytime and strike like lightning...either you are hungry or you don't. And when it hits you, it is worse than having gastric pain. Once you don't manage to fill your tummy in time, HG mother would gets spells of vomitting again....

So I recalled during my younger days...staying together with my housemate, Wei Wei , we often travelling together...once we were without spoon too ..and what we did? We just tore off the corner of the lunchbox and transform it into a scoop! at least we have something to eat with..finally...

And this creative idea strucked me when i was so frustrated, stranded in my husband's office(due to his sudden work assignment, waited there for more than 1 hr 30 minutes after long day at my own work and meeting) ...this can be such a bad day if it is not for this sudden sense of humor and delights...

After finishing my meal, feeling satisfied and happy...again...happy that a change of thought save my day!

Life does needs some creative juices and ideas at each moments, to make it or rather change it from disasters to miracles!

Happy exploring and letting your creative juices falls over u..

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG)

What is exactly the cause of my severe vomitting spells? Is it purely a common morning sickness that affects most expectant mother?

Having experienced it during my first pregnancy, the second time round was expected to be the same even though not easy to expect but it is definitely not easy to deal with.

15 times vomitting in a single...that's the record for my second about that? During my first pregnancy my highest record was only 7 times in a day...should I say, congrats! U have now broke your own records!

Sigh....yesterday I have went for a drip of two bags of glucose and saline ....right after reaching the 15 times award.

And guess what this second time experience has made me research and my symtom has a name! It is actually called Hyperemesis Gravidarum! So it is what is this find out more about this..just type this term in google and you'll find lotsa info on it...meanwhile...i need to pen off now...fetching my dotter shortly...ciao....