Saturday, April 12, 2008

Online Children's Bookshop Recommendation

Dear Friends,

For a book-lover llike me, I can't resist but to recommend you an online children bookshop which has new and second hand books at a good/bargain price for not only children but parents as well. I personally bought some books from time to time for my daughter and thought you might find it helpful.

The owner of the bookshop provides very useful write-up on encouraging reading amongst children and also has a blog which provides some interesting and creative ideas/activities for children(she is homeschooling her kids ;) )

You can check for her blogs here:

and this:

So do take time to explore this website and may you find pleasure and fun as much as I did! Happy shopping and browsing! I am heading to the online bookshop now to scout for new readings collection for KY ...catch me at:

Cheers! Happy Weekend!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Going Green: Creative and Green ways to wrap your presents.

Many of us tends to give presents at certain time all year long whether is for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines Day, Christmas, Full Moon, housewarming or just simply for the fun of it without celebrating any special occasions.

For me, whenever I receive any gifts with nicely wrapped up presents, I would try to open it with care and try to keep the wrapping papers for other usage whether to wrap another presents to be given away or to wrap up some empty tissue or other boxes to make it into a nice container for storing stationeries and stuff.

And the best of all, I love to think, try and experiment with creative and green ways to wrap or present my gift to others. Some of these I learnt from some eco-friendly website, and some of it is from my own creation.

Wrap your gift with a beautiful cloth like Japanese does. They call
furoshiki. The receiver can use the cloth for other usage. They have very lovely ways of wrapping their wine, books and etc. It is a traditional art which I am sure your friend will treasure it as much as the contents of your gift.
Wrap your gift with similar theme. For e.g. for your friend who likes cooking, perhaps giving her a set of cooking sets wrapped with table-cloth or apron will be a wonderful present.
Send e-cards instead of paper card. If not use your creativity to print a greeting cards with your pictures and calendar on it. This way, it won’t be just another paper wastage that the receiver will bound to discard sooner or later.
Make greeting cards which act more than greeting cards. Make it into a picture frame, a calendar, a toaster, or even with recipes or poems on it.
If you receive a gift that you don’t actually use it, pass it on to someone who needs it or can make better use of it, you can even make it as a gift exchange during Christmas or etc.

These are just some of the few ideas I have tried or like to try someday…hope you all will like it and invent more of these creative and green ways to send a gift to someone! Let your creative juices flowing and let the other person surprised and influenced by your “green” effort!

Happy Green way of Life!

Monday, April 7, 2008


Hmm.. This morning woke up with some funny gassy feeling in the stomach.

And by late afternoon today, I have made a record of 7 trips to the toilet...

Grrgg.....I asked Wai if he had the same experience since we just had some nice dinner in Klang last night. But he is fine. Now I am going to check out my dad and KY who were with us during the dinner last night.

I hope it is not the not-so-ripe banana i ate yesterday...otherwise KY will be experienced the same thing I had today. Serve me right for not heeding the advice of the fruit stall eat the banana only today...

Haih...this mommy...I shall be more careful now...

Hopefully KY is ok and I'll b ok soon too. No more losing control over food man.. :P