Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are you using BPA free bottle for your child?

Yes I am!!

Well, initially I am not looking into BPA-free etc(as BPA-free term was not as highlighted as it is today 3 years ago). But I am looking into colic-free bottle.

Thus I found Dr. Brown's bottle. When DH went to search for it..chance upon another brand called B-free...which is even better as I think at that time..B-free is the only BPA-free bottle selling in my place...other brand is not yet BPA-free. Talking about the power of parents advocates rite ;) So we must always make our voices heard to see the change takes place ..Agree?

Anyway, for my son, I saw another BPA-free bottle when there was no stock of Bfree in my town not even online stores as they are producing new ones..so old stock are not "reachable".
This bottle is MAM...which is quite widely available at many baby online stores.

So have you switch to BPA-free bottle for your child?

If you are thinking of switching but worry about the cost(actually it is not that costly if you compared the negative effect of normal bottle plus the quality of a BPA-free range), there's good news for you..

Tiny Tapir is having a BPA-free bottle giveaway for here. It ends on 24 July 2009.

So hurry there if you like to win one!


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