Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Love running under the drizzling rain

Recent downpour makes me reminisce the good old time of running under light drizzle of rain with my buddy, Charl at Down Under.

We were doing our regular jog at the neighbourhood of our friends' place at Shepparton, Australia when suddenly it rains...we were only half way across the few streets...but laughing like little girls, we look at each other and nod yep..we gonna keep running...under the rain...

What a lovely feeling!! And each time when there's such nice cool breeze after the rain makes me recall this wonderful moment!

And now my dear buddy, Charl would be having her own baby soon(in Oct 2009)..can't help to think..HOW TIME FLIES....

Oh..memories...yes, we gonna create lovely memories for our kids and DH too, and most important of all for ourselves!

Carpe Diem! Live life to the fullest!

Do you have any(or many) lovely memories in your mind now? Wanna share?


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