Friday, July 10, 2009

Timely and Regular Maintenance

As a parent, we are ever-more cautious about getting our car regularly checked and maintain as we often
fetch kids with us rite(hands-up?) plus our lives are even more important with kids tied with it rite? (hands-up).
As I was checking through my calendar tasks and saw that soon my car is to be sent for maintenance.
Suddenly a thought came over me? Don't we human need regular maintenance as well? Especially busy and
overworked parents?
Even our mobile phones need to be charged frequently if it is used extensively(mine need to be charged almost daily)
as I am not gonna risk having my battery flat while on the road.
So, about our body? Do we send "it" for regular maintenance? If you do, what do you do during the
maintenance session?
I think I should schedule more regular battery charging and regular maintenance in my calendar...not only ME time
but something to make me functioned better and more efficient?
What makes me recharged? Hmm...reading, uninterupted sleep, a swim, a nice long warm shower, travelling to the outdoor...
to the greens and jog ..jog..jog...the nature really works wonder in granting us the energy we need!
Outdoor time soon...write it down write it not to shopping malls..but to the greenery...ha..ha..


Hanz said...

I seriuosly need my regular exercise. i put a lot of weight lately due to such a Looonggg time missed my routine due to back home late!

Oh, need to catch a movie too & hang-out at Coffee outlet without the boys.My way of de-stress...

AlohaMolly said...

Me too long I did not pick up my running shoes and my tummy seems hard to get rid of after two c-section...when was the last movie I went? hmm..Transformer the previous series..haha..