Thursday, August 13, 2009

Confinement Practices Sharing

I believe for a first-time mother, we might be a little anxious over the confinement practices or in Malay we called it pantang larang.

I have a totally different experience for my two confinements. My first one was "done" by my mil whereas my second one was done by my bil's godmother who is by the way 70 years old yet a very modern lady who can drive car to my place during my confinement and even sent me and baby to private clinic when Shone is suffering from a very bad sore bottom.

Recently, few friends of mine(two are old aunties as they are unsure what food cannot be taken for c-section delivery...I guess for them in olden days c-section is not so common and coincidently I had BOTH child delivered via c-section...not that I am expert in this field..hehe).

So I thought it will be useful to post up some confinement practices I personally practice and some perhaps I read/heard of with all my friends here.

So stay tuned for my sharing on this and of course while I am compiling and remembering them..if you got any points or questions to share..feel free.....



Anonymous said...

my confinement session was not so strict. i was even doing my own laundry by the 5th day after deliver. since my MIL is an ex-nurse, she believes in modern confinement only and staying active is the key to recovering better. she even thinks that a lot of walking is good for the bowel movement during confinement period coz as we all know constipation is something common during confinement.

as for my mom, she had 3 c-sec for me & my bros. so she did modern confinement too. so she was not to strict on me following the traditional method. thank god!!

as for food, i lay off some gassy good & seafood. the remaining of the menu must be cooked with lots of black pepper. rice will be cooked with "manjakani" seeds. my fav dish will be steam chicken wings with soy sauce+red dates+dried longan.

then i had the occasional body massages & its a must to be wearing benngkung, corset or girdle underwear. i didnt really enjoy wearing em coz its kinda messy when i wanna go to the loo. have to take em off..then put em on again.

Josephine said...

Looking forward to your next post!!!
I cant wait to know more about all the pantang larang!

AlohaMolly said...

Thanks for your sharing Mama-Miya! pepper ..this is new to me...

I hate wearing the binder too..especially it often gets wet and heavy after we sweat SO MUCH!


AlohaMolly said...

Jo..Hope you find my post and OUR(all readers) Comments useful ;)