Monday, August 24, 2009

Some little Ponder and Thoughts

Lately I have been thinking, watching about human life cycle.

I recalled receiving a comic-like image which pictures the human life cycle whereby we start off crawling(four-legged) and ends walking with a stick(3 legged). Oh yes, forgot to mention it begun with lying down postures and ends with it as well...

I am not sure if anyone have the same feelings.

I have been noticing that lately, KY been fond of asking a lot of questions and many times repeating the same question MANY times.
Sometimes I have the patient to explain in different ways to her for same question. At times I would blew up :P

Somehow, I felt, this seems to changed when we grew older and started to nag. Our kids may entertain us or they might just shut them up just like how we did to them when they were young and kept shooting questions(as opposed to adults nagging).

And I also felt that when people aged, they not only returned to child-like state , they even acted like one. Talking about PMS. Some might just turned into a little bit cranky-like.

And lastly, do we noticed that when our kids were young, we fed them, and when we grow older, we might end up being fed by our kids.

So it's like a human life-cycle that things returns to what it is like in the beginning. We might have problem(financially) supporting our aged parents, but when we were young and our parents were earning very little, they managed to put a roof over our head and serve meals on table. But one thing I noticed which is different is for some(like mine), my parents don't have to support their parents after they got married. So that does makes some difference...

Hmm..why am I having such thoughts..gee..just something I have been thinking, wondering and pondering perhaps..


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