Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stay safety & healthy during Ramadhan

One day I was nearly hit(on driver's side) by a motorbike who was SPEEDING very very FAST...and I honked (of course!) like MAD too...Was terrified especially with my daughter sitting beside me...and luckily He was no ROad Bully and salute a sign saying sorry....

Frankly speaking, somehow I noticed people are driving more QUICKLY and "SLUMBERLY" during fasting month. Sorry no offence ya..on normal days I think anyone would do so too if they are lacking of sleep. I have seen a lorry driver pakcik fell asleep in front of the traffic light turning green and he is the first in the line..and of course people were honking like no other business...sigh...

But seriously, let's all drive safely and stay awake and sane on the road at all times not only during Ramadhan. Patience really pays for a safe and happy Raya celebration with families and friends. Each time I am on the road, I kept reminding myself that each drivers on the road are either someone's parents and/or children, so let me be more patient and give ways whenever it is legal and possible. It really makes my day when I met with polite and courteous drivers on the road...

Ramadhan is really a month which I salute to many Malay friends...even while I was studying we asked our Malay teacher not to talk too much(since they are fasting and cannot drink water) but to write on the board for whatever assignment they wanted us to complete for the day. I am one person who are not able not to drink water, and I recalled reading a blog where a breastfeeding mom actually manage to fulfil the one month fasting while breastfeeding her child...really salute to her perseverance!

Anyhow, Ramadhan is a month before Syawal(Hari Raya),so let's stay alert, practise our faith while staying sane and safe on the road ...and look forward to a Healthy, Safe and Fun Raya !

Happy Ramadhan to all my Muslims friends!


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