Thursday, October 8, 2009

2012- what You would like to keep in a TIME CAPSULE

In conjunction with the release of 2012 the movie, Sony Pictures is having an online contest for the public to share what we would like to keep in a TIME CAPSULE to survive 2012's disaster at . The contest is open for the public to participate and all we have to do is to upload an image of the item we want to keep in our TIME CAPSULE. We are also required to include a slogan in less than 25 words on why we want to keep the particular item in our TIME CAPSULE.


Prizes are:


I am always fascinated,inspired and find it kinda mind-provoking watching movies like this as if warning us about the impending danger ahead and look at our current priorities.

And I find this contest rather interesting, to look at what are the items are really precious and memorable,worth keeping for us.

For me, my first thought is to keep an old-fashion album filled with photos of my family tree, from my ancestors, grandparents,my parents, my growing up pictures and my kids. As I felt after that we wouldn't know who would survive and not even which technology would survive as well. So the best thing is to keep an old-fashion album which holds and capture the important moments in our life and retell it if chance are there. It is by far the item I wanted to keep most in my time capsule.

What about you? What item appears in your mind now?

If you have something to share, you might be happy to know the good news that Sony Pictures is giving Nuffnangers a chance to catch 2012 2 days before its release date on an exclusive Premiere Screening. There's more icing on the cake as ONE (1) lucky Nuffnanger will walk home from the screening with a Sony Playstation 3!


To take part in this exclusive contest just by Nuffnangers to win invites to the Premiere Screening of 2012 and a Sony Playstation 3, it is as simple as doing the following;

1. Take part in the contest by registering and uploading an image at

2. Blog about your participation, share what you uploaded for the contest along with your reasons. Do remember to link the contest page –

3. Send an email to with the permalink of your blog post along with your full name.

50 best written blog posts will win the bloggers exclusive invites to catch 2012 before anyone else does in Malaysia. One of them will walk home from the screening with a brand new Sony Playstation 3. Could it be me?

In addition, the following premiums are also up for grabs during the screening;

5 x Limited Edition 2012 Jacket worth RM 250 each
5 x Limited Edition 2012 Watch worth RM 180 each
5 x Limited Edition 2012 Lenticular Notebook worth RM 100 each
5 x Limited Edition 2012 Compass Keychain worth RM 50 each


I just made my entry..what about you?


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